Arbor Announces New Version Of Peakflow SP

New features within the platform include ATLAS Intelligence Feed

April 25, 2012

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CHELMSFORD, MASS., April 24, 2012 – Arbor Networks, Inc., a leading provider of security and network management solutions for enterprise and service provider networks, today announced the availability of version 5.7 of Peakflow SP, the industry’s leading network-wide infrastructure security and traffic-monitoring platform.

According to a recent report from Infonetics Research titled DDoS Prevention Appliance Market Outlook, Arbor Networks was cited as “the dominant leader for DDoS prevention” overall, with a 75.4 percent market share in the carrier transport and wired broadband market segment, versus 8.8 percent for the next competitor." Arbor quietly took control of the DDoS prevention appliance market over the last ten years, but with the massive increase in volume, size, and mainstream visibility of DDoS attacks, Arbor has emerged as a key security partner for large service providers around the globe,” said Jeff Wilson Infonetics Research, Principal Analyst, Security.

The vast majority of the world’s leading service providers rely on Arbor’s Peakflow SP platform to proactively fend off malicious threats such as botnets and volumetric and application-layer distributed denial of service (DDoS) attacks, while strengthening the availability and quality of their services. The Peakflow SP platform includes two main components, Peakflow SP and the Threat Management System (TMS). Peakflow SP combines network-wide anomaly detection and traffic engineering with TMS’s carrier-class threat management, which automatically detects and surgically removes only attack traffic, while maintaining legitimate business traffic. With the ability to mitigate only the attack traffic, customer-facing services remain available while providers actively mitigate attacks.

New features include the ATLAS Intelligence Feed (AIF), which delivers automated protection from virtually all known botnets, plus a real-time update service that protects customers from new botnets as they emerge. No other product or vendor has this capability. In February, Arbor announced that Japan’s KDDI, a global provider of fixed-line and mobile communications services, had incorporated AIF functionality into its security service offerings. Additionally, Peakflow SP now delivers an enhanced suite of detection and countermeasures that protect business-critical servers from application-layer attacks caused by malformed and abusive SSL signaling and negotiation, retransmit storms and IPv6 attack vectors.

ATLAS Intelligence Feed

AIF also delivers deep DDoS signatures in real-time to keep networks protected against hundreds of botnet-fueled DDoS attack toolsets and their variants. This unique feed automates the identification of attacks against infrastructure and services from known botnets while ensuring that updates for new threats are automatically delivered without software upgrades. The ATLAS Intelligence Feed enables Peakflow SP customers to directly benefit from the depth and breadth of Arbor’s research team.

The Arbor Security Engineering & Response Team (ASERT) is a recognized industry expert when it comes to Internet threat analysis. ASERT’s primary focus is on botnets, which account for a majority of the DDoS attacks on the Internet today. ASERT has unique visibility into DDoS botnets because of its ATLAS infrastructure, which combines a darknet sensor network with traffic data from more than 100 service provider customers around the world. This enormous dataset enables ASERT to develop a unique, globally-scoped view of malicious traffic traversing backbone networks that form the Internet's core. This insight is critical, as botnets are constantly changing and updating to thwart detection.

SSL Protocol Attack Protection

Today, Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) provides the necessary security and encryption for enterprises and their customers to safeguard sensitive transactions and email over the Internet. As enterprises increasingly rely on SSL for their mission critical communications, it becomes a more significant target for DDoS attacks. To ensure the availability of SSL-powered services, Arbor’s Peakflow SP now delivers DDoS protections for SSL regardless of the application – HTTPS, POP3S, SMTPS, etc. Peakflow SP blocks SSL DDoS attacks with ASERT-designed protections that guard against malformed traffic, attempts to continually renegotiate connections and other advanced attacks that aim to disrupt service availability.

“Peakflow SP has dominated the service provider market for a long time because we continue to invest and innovate in the platform,” said Colin Doherty, Arbor Networks president. “Increasingly, large enterprises, hosting providers and cloud providers are also deploying Peakflow SP because of the advanced, proven DDoS protection the solution provides. Peakflow SP plays a critical role in securing the Internet from availability threats like denial of service attacks. It also provides extremely valuable insight into network traffic with actionable intelligence that provides real value for security, operations and even marketing teams within a provider organization. Peakflow is and will remain a very robust security and traffic management platform.”

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About Arbor Networks

Arbor Networks, Inc. is a leading provider of network security and management solutions for enterprise and service provider networks. Arbor's proven solutions help grow and protect customer networks, businesses and brands. Through its unparalleled, privileged relationships with worldwide service providers and global network operators, Arbor provides unequalled insight into and perspective on Internet security and traffic trends via the ATLAS® Active Threat Level Analysis System. Representing a unique collaborative effort with 120+ network operators across the globe, ATLAS enables the sharing of real-time security, traffic and routing information that informs numerous business decisions.

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