Application Security, Inc. Streamlines Database Security Process Controls

DbProtect Precision DAM allows organizations to monitor for deviations from normal authorized activity

October 4, 2011

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NEW YORK – October 3, 2011 – In response to the continued rise in costly data breaches, Application Security, Inc. (AppSecInc), the leading provider of database security, risk and compliance (SRC) solutions for the enterprise, today introduced the simplification of the database activity monitoring (DAM) process with the launch of DbProtect Precision DAM. Designed specifically to minimize resources by reducing the scope of monitored activity to focus on customer-determined business policies, DbProtect Precision DAM addresses the complexity issues that have lead to organizations opting to do nothing, rather than employ a database security strategy.

A recent survey conducted at the 2011 Gartner Security & Risk Management Summit found that more than 90% of attendees polled had discussed large-scale, high-profile breaches like those that occurred at RSA, Citigroup and Sony with senior management, yet only 23% did anything beyond that. Furthermore, according to the Verizon 2010 Data Breach Report, 96% of breaches were avoidable through simple controls.

“In the words of Winston Churchill, I never worry about action, but only inaction,” said Josh Shaul, chief technology officer, AppSecInc. “We live and work in a digital society where our adversaries thrive off of inaction. When it comes to valuable data accessibility, they are secretly hoping that companies continue along their current path of inactivity.”

Introducing DbProtect Precision DAM

Organizations of all sizes are faced with the onerous task of protecting against insider and external threats, while also seeking to achieve regulatory compliance for data protection. AppSecInc designed DbProtect Precision DAM specifically to reduce the complexity, resource and cost requirements and scalability issues associated with properly securing heterogeneous enterprise database environments.

DbProtect Precision DAM delivers a database security control process that helps organizations understand database ecosystems, focus on suspicious and unauthorized database activities and streamline database security operations.

DbProtect Precision DAM provides efficient and effective fine-grained monitoring based on user-defined policies and the unique characteristics of each database, resulting in:

Reduction in the scope of required database activity monitoring

Reduced risk of data loss

Minimized impact on the availability and response time of critical business systems

Reduced time to deployment

DbProtect’s Precision DAM allows organizations to monitor for deviations from normal authorized activity. Precision DAM is informed by DbProtect’s asset discovery, vulnerability and configuration assessment, rights review capabilities, and driven by the solution’s powerful policy management engine. These intelligent and complementary capabilities allow organizations to focus monitoring operations and:

Validate remediated vulnerabilities

Monitor vulnerabilities that have not been patched or remediated to ensure they are not being exploited

Monitor privileged user activities

Monitor for any new avenues of attack

“Precision DAM is a breakthrough for control, clarity and visibility into database activity, enabling organizations to fully understand and apply appropriate business policies to their database security practices,” concludes Shaul. “It is our hope that this easily demonstrable value proposition removes the obstacles that have slowed the deployment of critical database security solutions.”

DbProtect Precision DAM is generally available. For further information, please visit:

About Application Security, Inc.

AppSecInc is a pioneer and leading provider of database security, risk and compliance (SRC) solutions for the enterprise. By providing strategic and scalable software-only solutions – AppDetectivePro for auditors and IT advisors, and DbProtect for the enterprise – AppSecInc supports the database SRC lifecycle for some of the most complex and demanding environments in the world across more than 2,000 commercial and government customers.

Leveraging the world’s most comprehensive database security knowledgebase from the company’s renowned team of threat researchers, TeamSHATTER, AppSecInc products help customers achieve unprecedented levels of data security from nefarious or accidental activities, while reducing overall risk and helping to ensure continuous regulatory and industry compliance.

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