offers a five-step suite for guaranteeing privacy online

February 26, 2010

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(TORONTO, ON) " Privacy means a lot to American consumers, but the dawn of online communication and web surfing has made it difficult to keep your personal information out of sight from prying eyes. is leveling the playing field for online privacy by offering a comprehensive, multilayered suite of tools to keep PC and mobile browsing anonymous, email secure and PCs clean of personal data. leverages data centers in Toronto and Panama City where subscribers can connect to the internet using a secure VPN "tunnel." Since the user's connection is channeled through the network, any person or company tracking your online activities is cut off from your IP address, providing completely anonymous surfing. The servers are secured by some of the industry's most top-notch hardware and network engineers.

Large engines like Google and Bing keep profiles of web surfers to target online marketing with more relevant ads. These profiles extend beyond browsing to email, which is an equally traceable medium in the online space. It's all based on tracking IP addresses, collecting data based on users' online habits and using that information without the user's consent. Regardless, Network Architect James MacDonald believes that every consumer has a right to block his/her information.

"Back in the day, you'd have to get a warrant or a court order to access the private information of an individual, but now companies like Google are doing it all the time," said MacDonald. "What is doing is attempting to give individuals they're inherent right to privacy back." offers a five-step suite for guaranteeing ultimate privacy online.

  • Anonymous Browsing " For online browsing activities, regardless of their nature,'s secure VPN (located in Canada) blocks outside entities from logging your IP address. Peer-to-peer (P2P) file sharing transfers more quickly because internet service providers can't "throttle" your IP address, and connecting from wireless hot-spots becomes less vulnerable to hacker attacks.

    • Secure Email "'s secure email servers are located in Panama City, Panama, allowing users to connect to email via an SSL connection or through a VPN. The platform is seamless, web-based and accessible from anywhere—giving it a huge advantage over application-based email that leaves information on your hard drive, where it can easily be accessed by hackers.

    • Mobile VPN for Smartphone Privacy " Leveraging much the same strategy as's PC browsing VPN, this tool allows you to safely and securely access internet and email from your iPhone or Windows Mobile device.

    • PC Cleaner Software " Don't ever leave a crumb trail behind for hackers to follow towards your personal data. Files left on your computer that you may not be able to see or find can be used to uncover your private data. Think of PC Cleaner as shaking a virtual etch-a-sketch at the end of your browsing session " everything disappears. Wipes clean Windows operating system, Windows Applications (including the Microsoft Office suite) and browsers like Internet Explorer and Firefox, Opera, Safari, and Chrome.

      The full suite of Connect In Private solutions costs $8.33/month. For more information, visit

      About Connect In Private Corp.

      Connect In Private is a network services provider and international software development company working to bring privacy back to the online activities of consumers. Offering secure VPN services for anonymous surfing, offshore email and SMS, smart phone privacy, web-based secure meeting platforms and more, Connect In Private's full suite of solutions leverages industry-best network hardware, engineers, administrators and providers for total online anonymity. For more information, visit:

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