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Vernier announced the EdgeWall 8800 as the latest addition to its EdgeWall family of products

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May 1, 2006

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LAS VEGAS -- Vernier Networks, a leading provider of Network Access Control (NAC) solutions, today announced the EdgeWall 8800 as the latest addition to its EdgeWall family of products. Purpose-built from the ground up for the most demanding enterprise network environments, the EdgeWall 8800 is the first NAC product to deliver wire-speed authenticated and validated access to all users throughout the network, and then inspect and protect user traffic from security threats and malicious behavior with a fully integrated Intrusion Detection and Prevention (IDP) engine.

“The job of Network Access Control (NAC) solutions only begin with authorizing users and inspecting client configurations for policy compliance,” said Eric Ogren, security analyst at the Enterprise Strategy Group. “Organizations are looking for NAC solutions that leverage endpoint intelligence to deliver continuous protection against worms, spyware, malicious behavior and endpoint configurations that slip out of compliance. Vernier now enables customers to enforce user-based security policies throughout the network to safely allow access from high-speed wired, wireless and remote locations.”

Leveraging five years of experience in deploying NAC solutions at over 500 customers worldwide, the EdgeWall 8800 has been specifically designed and targeted towards deployments where extensive security capabilities must be cost-effectively aggregated between the access and distribution or core switching layers of the network. With a throughput capacity of up to 40Gbps, the EdgeWall 8800 is the highest performance NAC platform that authenticates, validates and authorizes compliant endpoints, quarantines and remediates infected devices, and continuously inspects traffic for policy compliance. The Vernier EdgeWall 8800 is the first NAC platform to be able to detect policy compliance violations at layers 4 through 7 in real time, identify the user associated with this traffic, and immediately quarantine and remediate their endpoint device.

“The Vernier NAC solution has been easy to configure and manage within the Colorado State University College of Business. It has given us consistent results in the areas of controlled access to the network and elimination or reduction of harmful network traffic, enabling our users to compute in a safer overall environment while reducing our IT staff workload," said Jon Schroth, Director of Technology for the College of Business. “The new EdgeWall 8800 platform is a strategic extension to the existing Vernier EdgeWall product line to address the needs for high speed wired environments, and we are eager to begin trials of the new platform. The architecture of the 8800 certainly appears to be highly innovative and designed to meet the most demanding application security requirements today and in the future.”

In a separate release:

LAS VEGAS -- Vernier Networks® and Network Intelligence ™ Corp. today announced a partnership that will enable enterprises to gain deep network security insight and capture rich access control data to ensure network compliance. Through this partnership, Vernier’s award-winning EdgeWall Network Access Control (NAC) products and centralized Control Server will provide its detailed NAC event data to Network Intelligence’s enVision™, creating an unprecedented level of event correlation, network trend analysis, and customizable compliance reporting.

“By incorporating the rich event data that Vernier’s NAC solution can provide, Network Intelligence can offer customers more detailed reporting and analysis of user behavior and the compliance state of endpoint systems on the network,” said Jim Melvin, executive vice president for marketing and business development at Network Intelligence. “This partnership will create a best-of-breed solution for powerful security information and event reporting, giving enterprises great insight into their networks’ compliance and security postures.”

In addition to standard network and security device data, Vernier’s NAC solution delivers rich user, threat and endpoint data that includes the compliance state of endpoint devices on the network. Due to the extensive range of event data that the Vernier EdgeWall can deliver, Network Intelligence’s security information and event management system can create industry-standard compliance reports from the Vernier event data alone. As a result, customers can seamlessly integrate both solutions in their network and significantly reduce the number of applications, networking devices and security point products involved in the generation of compliance reports.

Vernier’s EdgeWall Network Access Control products authenticate, validate and authorize compliant endpoints, quarantine and remediate infected devices, and continuously inspect traffic for policy compliance. They can also perform wire-speed intrusion detection and prevention on all traffic to ensure that endpoint devices can instantly be quarantined and remediated should they show signs of inappropriate use of the network or infection from worms, viruses and spyware. The EdgeWall family of products is designed to protect wired, wireless, remote access and guest access networks.

In a separate release:

LAS VEGAS -- Vernier Networks today announced broadened support of their industry leading Network Access Control (NAC) solution through an extended ecosystem of integrated and interoperable solutions. New strategic technology partners include Cavium Networks, Network Intelligence Corporation, and PatchLink Corporation.

Vernier Networks, a leader in Network Access Control (NAC) solutions since 2001, provides the most comprehensive suite of in-line products on the market today that protect organizations against security threats and unauthorized use of their network infrastructure. By working with global technology leaders for remediation, policy enforcement, compliance management and reporting, Vernier enables organizations to authenticate users and endpoints, validate security compliance, restrict network access to only authorized resources, inspect traffic for worms, spyware, or malicious behavior once the user is on the network, and enforce remediation policies in the network.

“Providing customers with the most comprehensive NAC solution available today is dependent on the support of key technology partners, which is why Vernier Networks is building strong relationships with the most innovative companies in the industry,” said Eric Colard, vice president of business development for Vernier Networks. “These new partnerships encompass an extensive array of strategic solutions that play valuable, distinct roles in delivering the power of network access control to today’s most demanding Enterprise customers.”

The joint partnership between Vernier Networks and Cavium Networks has resulted in a highly innovative system architecture to address the rapidly growing requirements for comprehensive, cost-effective network access control. Vernier is leveraging Cavium’s OCTEONTM Multi-core MIPS64® processors to deliver extensive packet processing, L4-L7 security acceleration, and the flexibility to quickly innovate using an industry standard Linux based programming model. This design delivers the richest set of Network Access Control and security services necessary to meet the needs of emerging enterprise infrastructures.

“Cavium Networks is focused on delivering the highest performance and most scalable line of multi-core MIPS64 processors, with the most advanced application acceleration targeted at intelligent next-generation networking equipment,” said Syed Ali, president and CEO of Cavium Networks. “The system architecture developed in partnership with Vernier is a showcase of the market-leading capabilities of the 16-core OCTEON processor and its ability to host standard C-based applications to address the fast-moving requirements of internal network security. This architecture will scale in performance and features in a fully compatible manner with future products in our OCTEON roadmap.”

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