TitanHQ Launches PhishTitan to Combat Advanced Phishing Attacks

January 9, 2024

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GALWAY, Ireland & SHELTON, Conn., Jan. 09, 2024 (NEWSWIRE) —

TitanHQ, the leading cloud-based email security solutions provider for over 20 years, has launched PhishTitan Integrated Cloud Email Security (ICES). PhishTitan is a cutting-edge, native M365 anti-phishing solution that blocks and remediates threats like business email compromise (BEC), account takeover, VIP impersonation, zero-day attacks, and much more. PhishTitans specialization is preventing the most damaging and sophisticated phishing attacks. 

PhishTitan works within M365 and scans all emails, internal and external. The native and API-based integration augments EOP and MS Defender, providing unbeatable phishing protection. 

Since Q4 2023, TitanHQ’s customer ecosystem of over 12,000 customers and 3,000 Managed Service Providers have been eagerly jumping into the solution, and we are now delighted to open the doors for new customers. Product users are seeing performance over and above that of existing solutions. 

Set up takes 10 minutes; from then on, PhishTitan protects against advanced phishing, sophisticated business email compromise, and zero-day attacks by neutralizing malicious email links. Other key features include: 

  • Scanning, or blocking, for malicious links or malware 

  • Instant remediation across an entire tenant 

  • Detects unique and sophisticated phishing and BEC attacks over and above M365.  

  • PhishTitan rewrites URLs, applies banner notifications, and blocks malicious links.  

  • For links that are weaponized after delivery, PhishTitan offers time of click protection 

  • Protection against data leakage of sensitive company information  

  • Real-time visibility and reporting suite on emerging threats 

  • Set-up in less than 10 minutes.  

According to Ronan Kavanagh, TitanHQ CEO, “A staggering 71% of MS business users suffer at least one compromised account monthly. With this in mind, the overwhelming feedback from our customer base has been that phishing is the number one problem to solve in the email security community. We therefore allocated resources and investment to develop a solution with new, cutting-edge, robust, fast phishing threat intelligence driven by a team of security specialists. We are pleased to be able to meet the market's needs with a product that delivers. 

TitanHQ makes it easy – we work closely with partners to build solutions that meet business needs and solve serious customer IT (Information Technology) security problems. PhishTitan offers MSPs an unparalleled value proposition, a low touch deployment that shortens evaluation times, and offers attractive recurring revenue and ultimately positive ROI."

PhishTitan is available from today. To learn more about PhishTitan's inline advanced phishing protection, visit TitanHQ.com.

About TitanHQ

TitanHQ is a 25-year-old multi-award-winning SaaS cybersecurity platform delivering a layered security solution to businesses globally. TitanHQ offers cutting-edge technologies and robust solutions to protect SMBs and MSPs against phishing attacks, malware, ransomware, and other cyberattacks that can compromise data and disrupt operations. 

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