RackTop BrickStor SP Secure NAS data security platform now resold by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

RackTop BrickStor SP Secure NAS data security platform now resold by Hewlett Packard Enterprise

May 28, 2020

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Fulton, MD – RackTop Systems, the pioneer of CyberConverged data security, today announced its inclusion in the Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) Complete program. HPE plans to resell RackTop BrickStor SP software with its market leading HPE ProLiant and Apollo Servers to meet the high security file storage needs of Federal Government.

BrickStor SP is a data security software platform that eliminates the threat of ransomware attacks and data breaches. Built by Department of Defense intelligence community veterans charged with protecting the nation’s data, enterprise and government customers running BrickStor will be protected from ransomware attacks and data breaches while meeting their data security compliance regulatory requirements. HPE is the global edge-to-cloud Platform-as-a-Service company that helps organizations accelerate outcomes by unlocking value from all of their data, everywhere.

“Enterprises and government entities are losing the cyberwar because they are using old tools and 90’s design standards which are largely focused on stopping network infiltration, rather than protecting data. Based on our experience, most of the bad guys are already inside the network today,” said Eric Bednash, CEO, RackTop Systems. “BrickStor attacks the problem properly by securing unstructured data at its source so that it can’t be seized, maliciously encrypted, or exploited. Together with HPE and their world class secure and versitle hardware, for the first time, customers can achieve end-to-end infrastructure security from a single vendor without gaps or loosely coupled bolt-ons.”

As global digital transformation accelerates, unprecedented unstructured data growth has occurred, making up nearly 80% of what enterprises store today. With this explosion in unstructured data growth, we’ve also seen an explosion in cyber-attack losses -- $11 billion due to ransomware in 2019 alone.

Simply put, organizations are using 1990’s design philosophies and yesterday’s ineffective security tools that don’t integrate well with each other or with large data systems to solve today’s data security challenges. This problem is compounded as security and infrastructure & operations (I&O) people work on different teams, and the security folks, focused on traditional networks and endpoint devices are largely unaware of how I&O systems today are actually storing and sharing data. As a result, the vast majority of data breaches go unnoticed and unaddressed when they first occur.

RackTop tackles this problem by embedding its security and compliance software within a scalable data storage system for unstructured files in order to protect the data where it lives. As a result, its customers no longer have to worry about securing their massive volumes of unstructured data and adhering to strict regulatory compliance guidelines.  

“BrickStor SP fills a high data security need in the storage market. We are entering a new era in IT infrastructure where security and compliance are a necessity,” said Chris Powers, VP, Collaborative Platform Development, HPE Storage and Big Data. “RackTop’s storage software and security platform is a natural fit with our ProLiant and Apollo Servers which feature silicon-anchored, cradle-to-grave security. Together we bring our Federal Government customers a complete Zero Trust data security solution.” 

BrickStor SP is available today on the HPE ProLiant DL380Gen10 and Apollo 4200 Gen10 Servers with support for the expansion HPE D3600 and D3700 Enclosures. 

Product benefits include:

  • Automatic, immutable ransomware recovery

  • Significant reduction of operation and maintenance burden on IT teams. Many legacy products can be eliminated with RackTop in place.

  • Know what you don’t know with User Behavior Analytics and Metadata Intelligence Services – insiders and adversaries can be stealing your data right now, but you don’t even know it. We can tell you when it’s happening and stop it.

  • Easily address complex compliance issues like NIST, CMMC, SEC, and HIPAA with built-in reporting and policy-based controls

  • Zero Trust data security architecture

  • Protect data at rest with two independent layers of encryption

  • Keep data separated logically with security context labelling

BrickStor SP is available today. For more information, please visit www.racktopsystems.com


About RackTop Systems:

RackTop Systems is the pioneer of CyberConvergedTM data security, a new market that fuses data storage with advanced security and compliance into a single platform. Its high-performance Network-Attached Storage (NAS) platform with embedded security, compliance and encryption empowers both government and commercial organizations by protecting data where it resides without the cost, complexity and security vulnerabilities of traditional bolt-on software solutions. Headquartered in Fulton, Md., RackTop was founded in 2010 by veterans of the U.S. intelligence community who have been solving the most complex data and security problems for more than two decades. RackTop’s technology has been deployed at numerous organizations in a variety of industries worldwide, including government/DoD/public sector, media/advertising and entertainment, financial services, health care, higher education and life sciences.


For more information, visit www.racktopsystems.com and follow on Twitter @RackTop.




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