Perception Point Launches Advanced Threat Protection and Rapid Remediation for Zendesk Customers

The integration provides crucial protection for businesses’ most vulnerable departments — help desks and customer support teams — preventing the most advanced threats sent by online users.

January 18, 2023

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(Tel Aviv, Israel – January 18, 2023) -- Perception Point, a leading provider of advanced threat protection across digital channels, today announced that it has launched Advanced Threat Protection for Zendesk, the champions of service-first CRM software, to provide unparalleled detection and remediation services for Zendesk customers. Perception Point customers can now protect Zendesk along with their email, web browsers and other cloud collaboration apps from a single, consolidated platform with the highest detection rates in the industry.

Helpdesk and customer support staff communicate regularly with people outside of the organization, making them especially vulnerable to external threats originating from malicious content within support tickets. Content uploaded externally can potentially be used as a vehicle for cyberattacks, allowing malicious payloads to enter an organization’s system.

Perception Point's Advanced Threat Protection for Zendesk, a multi-layered threat prevention platform, boosts Zendesk’s basic native security to protect customers from the most advanced malware and social engineering attacks. Easily deployed to protect all customer-facing personnel, Perception Point scans every single ticket attachment coming through Zendesk (including embedded URLs/files) in near real-time, using a combination of patented dynamic and static detection layers, based on threat intelligence, advanced algorithms and machine learning. Perception Point’s next-generation sandbox technology uniquely scans 100% of content, 40x faster than traditional technologies, to achieve unprecedented visibility into any type of attack, including advanced attacks like APTs and zero-days. Zendesk customers will be able to rapidly remediate any attack that slips through the cracks through the support of Perception Point’s free-of-charge 24/7 managed incident response service.

“The threat landscape is only becoming more complex, with threat actors initiating more advanced attacks across multiple attack vectors,” said Peleg Cabra, Product Marketing Manager, Perception Point. “Adding Zendesk integration to our Advanced Threat Protection platform allows Zendesk users to protect their organizations against malware and social engineering attacks that would otherwise avoid detection by traditional cyber defense mechanisms. The offering not only secures Zendesk’s support channels, but also reduces SOC team workloads through the support of Perception Point’s managed incident response service.”

Advanced Threat Protection for Zendesk has already been successfully deployed by Agoda, an international hospitality company with over 7,000 employees worldwide, which uses Zendesk to process all customer requests. Over a three-month period, Perception Point’s solution scanned over 385,000 root files, scanned around 69,000 embedded files and URLs, identified and prevented 187 malicious events, and dynamically scanned all traffic at an average of 7.1 seconds, with 75% of content dynamically scanned in just three seconds.

“Perception Point has been instrumental in strengthening and fortifying both our organization and our Zendesk systems,” said Guy Fridman, Head of Security Operation and Response, Agoda. “Securing Zendesk is critical to the success of our customer relationships. Beyond future-proofing against potential threats, Perception Point also allows our SOC team to focus on other important security areas such as monitoring, testing, and analyzing our overall security posture. This combination of innovative technology and reliable client servicing has provided us with the confidence to operate with zero to little friction.”

Read more about the Zendesk case study with Agoda here.

Perception Point’s advanced threat protection solution is now available for Zendesk Support products. Read here for more information about protecting Zendesk.

About Perception Point

Perception Point is a Prevention-as-a-Service company for the fastest and most accurate next-generation detection and response to all attacks across email, cloud collaboration channels, and web browsers. The solution's natively integrated incident response service acts as a force multiplier to the SOC team, reducing management overhead, improving user experience and delivering continuous insights; providing proven best protection for all organizations.

Deployed in minutes, with no change to the enterprise’s infrastructure, the patented, cloud-native and easy-to-use service replaces cumbersome legacy systems to prevent phishing, BEC, spam, malware, Zero-days, ATO, and other advanced attacks well before they reach end-users. Fortune 500 enterprises and organizations across the globe are preventing content-borne attacks across their email and cloud collaboration channels with Perception Point.

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