Now Featuring 32-bit and 64-bit Support for Windows 7 and 8, Leads the Automated Malware Analysis Market

August 9, 2013

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LAS VEGAS, July 29, 2013 – Norman Shark, the global security leader in malware analysis solutions for enterprises, service providers and government entities, announced today Malware Analyzer G2 (MAG2) version 4.0, which provides industry-leading hybrid analysis, and Network Threat Discovery version 5.1 (NTD), a cyberattack discovery system that automatically collects and detects malicious files that have slipped past traditional security nodes.

"Norman Shark continues to improve the performance of its MAG2 malware forensic solution, it remains the industry standard for organizations eager for the most comprehensive approach for detecting today's myriad malware threats," said Christophe Birkeland, Norman Shark's chief technology officer. "A single MAG2 v4.0 appliance is capable of analyzing over 50,000 samples per day, meeting the needs of any corporation, utility or government entity."

Demos of Norman Shark's updated MAG2 solution will be available at Black Hat 2013, July 31 and August 1, held at Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas, in booth #321.

Jonathan Camp, senior software developer at Norman Shark, is presenting a special workshop at Black Hat on tools and techniques employed by the perpetrators described in the Hangover report, on Wednesday, July 31 in the Milano Ballroom #8 at Caesar's Palace. Click here to download the full Operation Hangover report.

Updated MAG2 Version 4.0 Supports Windows 8 and 64-bit Windows Operating Systems

With this new release, MAG2 leads the malware forensics market by offering Windows 8 support as well as both 32-bit and 64-bit support for Windows 7 and 8. Embedded in MAG2 is a seventh-generation award-winning Norman SandBox; engine. The engine features significant performance improvements and detection-in-the-wild capabilities over previous versions:

• MAG2's new user emulation feature imitates user behavior by clicking dialog boxes and stepping through installers commonly used by malware looking to install fake anti-virus products, unwanted applications or Trojans, enabling IT security teams to better study stealthy malware behavior.

• MAG2's improved autonomous runtime capabilities improve stability and minimize the need for maintenance. IT security teams can run the appliance longer without user intervention.

Integrators gain increased ability to design back-end intelligence solutions using MAG2 analysis in a new engine mode designed for advanced OEM applications. "The combination of new platform support, improved performance, increased malware detection capabilities and advanced integration do a better job of meeting and exceeding our customers' needs," commented Michael Rosen, product manager at Norman Shark.

MAG2's new features are also reflected in Norman Shark's Network Threat Discovery system version 5.1. New NTD features facilitate integration with MAG2 to provide a unified solution for IT security teams. These include collective intelligence, where malware data is shared across installations, plus command-and-control server blocking providing the ability to shut down connections to malicious remote servers. A streamlined user interface includes integrated dashboard views, plus easy sorting, searching and incident status monitoring.

About Norman Shark Solutions

Please click here for more information about the Malware Analyzer G2 and its industry-leading hybrid analysis that runs suspicious artifacts through the award-winning Norman SandBox; and concurrently analyzes the code in Norman Shark's virtualized IntelliVM modules.

Please click here for information about the Network Threat Discovery system that automatically collects and detects malicious files that have slipped past traditional security nodes.

About Norman Shark

Norman Shark is a global leader and pioneer in proactive network security solutions and forensics malware tools. Norman Shark's proactive antimalware solutions, including malware analysis tools, network security and industrial control system protection, are powered by patented Norman SandBox; technology and used by security solutions providers around the world.

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