New Survey Reveals 40% of Companies Experienced a Data Leak in the Past Year

SysKit report highlighting effects of digital transformation on IT admins and governance landscape released.

January 31, 2023

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CAMBRIDGE, England, Jan. 31, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — SysKit, a SaaS software company, has published a report on the effects of digital transformation on IT admins and the current governance landscape. The survey found that 40% of companies experienced a data leak in the previous year, which can have severe consequences on an organization's efficiency and result in large fines, downtime, and loss of business-critical certifications and customers.

Improper implementation of zero trust and full trust approaches can lead to data leaks. Despite their drawbacks, 50% of respondents consider the full trust approach to governance optimal, and 68% believe the zero trust approach limits collaboration capabilities.

"We believe both approaches have disadvantages. Organizations lose amazing collaboration features with zero trust, and with full trust, you give up visibility and control over resources in the environment. That's why we developed a product for Microsoft 365 tenants that cancels out the negative sides of both approaches," said Toni Frankola, CEO of SysKit.

The research, conducted in November, surveyed 205 US IT professionals responsible for managing organizations' IT environments, and accurately represents the targeted population.

The survey also found that most IT admins (82%) believe non-tech employees who are resource owners should be more involved in data reviews and care of their team's workspaces. However, when asked about their specific IT governance skills, half of the respondents reported non-tech employees don't know how to apply external sharing policies properly, 56% consider they don't know how to apply provisioning policies, and 30% report their colleagues are not taking care of their inactive content. This lack of skills can lead to data leaks, uncontrolled workspace sprawl, and additional storage costs.

The survey also found that the biggest challenges today for IT admins are a lack of understanding from superiors, huge workloads, and misalignment of IT and business strategies. Due to the complex IT changes companies faced during the accelerated digital transformation in the past two years, 70% of respondents felt burnout symptoms. Frankola commented on how to decrease IT admins' workload and limit security risks: "My advice would be to implement simple and intuitive tools that support delegating tasks and increase visibility. It's important to include all employees in executing governance policies. This way, companies can prevent certain cybersecurity risks and improve business efficiency".

About SysKit:

SysKit specializes in developing a data management and governance SaaS platform for Microsoft 365 environments. Through constant customer dialogue, SysKit addresses numerous challenges IT professionals and business users face daily. Gartner recently identified them as a representative vendor in their Market Guide for SaaS Management Platforms. SysKit Point is available for a free trial.

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