Fulton County Suffers Power Outages as Cyberattack Continues

County services have come to a halt and are not expected to resume until next week; no threat actor has yet been identified.

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As Fulton County in Georgia continues to experience a cyberattack and a power outage, government systems are offline, and it's unknown when they'll become operational again.

Court filings, tax processing, and other services — including phone and Internet service, as well as the court system website — are reportedly also not functioning as usual.

District Attorney Fani Willis, who indicted President Trump and 18 others in 2020, has been particularly affected by this cyberattack, though no connection has been identified.

"At this time, we are not aware of any transfer of sensitive information about citizens or employees, but we will continue to look carefully at this issue," said county official Robb Pitts.

Pitts also noted earlier this week that the investigation was in its preliminary stages, but that the breach has caused a significant disturbance in the county, which includes parts of Atlanta. Sources say that the county systems may not be functioning again until next week.

"The cyberattack on Fulton County, Georgia, causing widespread IT outages, underlines the need for adaptive security strategies that must include a deep level of assessment of core systems and critical infrastructure like identity and encryption," commented Mark B. Cooper, president and founder of PKI Solutions.

Officials said that residents should email the county's Customer Service office if they have any questions.

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