Epiphany Systems Launches Offensive Context-Aware Platform

Epiphany's 'Exploitability Index' helps contextualize cyber-risk and drives better decisions.

July 29, 2021

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NEW YORK, July 29, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Epiphany Systems, the cybersecurity industry's first offensive context-aware platform, launched into the cybersecurity market today with the Epiphany Intelligence Platform. Epiphany Systems built a platform that dramatically improves cyber risk decision capability, by transforming vulnerability management into actionable insights on precisely where and how your organization is exploitable to attack.

Founded by Dan Singer, CEO, and Rob Bathurst, CTO, Epiphany surfaces all of the potential paths of attack, ranks them by the ease of the path, and assesses the impact to the organization. This gives teams every meaningful relationship within the attack path, through a dynamic, goal-centric view, delivering the most critical analysis to teams in the simplest way. Epiphany's upcoming 'Exploitability Index" provides quick context of complex risk conditions of the 'whole-state' for decision makers. This is the result of taking an offensive goal-oriented perspective to an organization's defensive tools.

"Epiphany delivers the only true view of how exploitable an organization is by equipping teams with essential impact analytics across any enterprise environment," said Dan Singer, CEO of Epiphany Systems. Epiphany eliminates all the guesswork and human interpretation of exactly where and how an organization is exploitable, so teams have context for what to fix first and why the fix matters. "We are here to make security meaningful and consumable at all levels of the organization, and drive change in how security is seen as a partner not an adversary."

The power in Epiphany is just how little data is needed to get started, but the more data sources connected to Epiphany, the more robust and more targeted the insights are to address enterprise-wide risk conditions in the context of systems and devices that could be impacted.

"Breathing operational efficiency into existing cybersecurity deployments, Epiphany transforms the risk equation by providing a dynamic, attack-centric view of an organization's entire environment to determine where its exploitable and what to fix with massive-scale, high-fidelity analytics," said Bill Nelson, Chairman & CEO of the Global Resilience Federation, former CEO of FS-ISAC. "With the promise to optimize existing security tools and ability to lower the risk of catastrophic loss, the Epiphany Intelligence Platform is a welcome addition to the cybersecurity industry."

Epiphany Intelligence Platform Provides:

  • Complete cybersecurity risk visibility. Epiphany sees, understands, and visualizes technical issues in context with business risks — on devices, with identities, and from networks. And it uses only the data already present in your environment to assess how exploitable an organization is.

  • Insight beyond vulnerabilities. Event-based and responsive tools, alone, can't give you a full understanding of your cybersecurity risk. Epiphany goes beyond vulnerability management, to demonstrate the exploitability of your entire system state — and prioritize how to reduce it.

  • Comprehensive attack prevention. Epiphany gathers organizational data and metadata to evaluate all the ways attackers could find sensitive areas, vulnerable systems, or privileged credentials. Then it shows you where and how to protect your most valuable business assets, processes, and systems.

  • Simple to deploy. Epiphany is completely agentless. You don't have to manage any additional services. The platform gets all the data it needs from your existing security tools and technologies. And Epiphany works no matter what environment you have — Cloud, local, or hybrid. That means Epiphany is easy to implement — often in as little as 30 minutes.

  • Immediate, meaningful results. Since Epiphany overlays your security infrastructure — harvesting data from all your existing systems — there are no data silos. And the platform starts producing results instantly after it starts ingesting data. So not only is Epiphany quick to deploy, but it can also deliver actionable information within minutes of deployment.

  • Zero impact on environment. Because Epiphany is agentless and requires only data already in your environment, it won't disrupt your systems or operations.

Epiphany ingests data from all existing technologies in the environment without impacting operations, including many industry-leading endpoint agents, identity providers, network devices, and scanners.

To learn more about the Epiphany Intelligence Platform, please visit: http://www.epiphanysys.com/

About Epiphany Systems:

Epiphany Systems is a cybersecurity company delivering unprecedented visibility and impact context to organizations by arming cybersecurity teams with the information that dramatically improves cyber risk decision making and exposes the entire exploitable attack surface across any environment. The Epiphany Intelligence Platform removes guesswork and human interpretation with precision attack path modeling and data analytics that inform critical remediation decisions. Epiphany Systems is based in New York City and serves customers globally.

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