E8 Security Unveils Behavioral Intelligence Solution

E8 Security’s Behavioral Intelligence Platform combines behavioral analytics with human insight to track and identify evolving threats, prioritize risk and speed up response times

October 21, 2015

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REDWOOD CITY, Calif. – October 21, 2015 – Today, E8 Security announced the availability of the E8 Security Behavioral Intelligence Platform, an innovative self-learning security solution that hunts and identifies unseen internal and external threats and adversaries. By automatically identifying anomalies arising from users and devices, E8 Security’s solution provides rapid insight into the true risk and nature of security threats within their business environment.

Given the frequency and sophistication of cyber attacks, visibility into the unseen threats already inside an organization is paramount. Overstretched and under resourced security teams, that rely on manual analysis, are struggling to consume the volume and variety of data needed to accurately prioritize and effectively remediate threats. The inability to rapidly process overwhelming amounts of data results in an insight gap. The manual processes involved in identifying threats and their associated context results in an action gap. Legacy solutions that rely on rules and signatures are proving to be ineffective in closing these gaps.

“By providing visibility into unknown threats and making it easy for organizations to determine the nature of the threats and their associated business risk, E8 Security is transforming the way technology is used to secure organizations,” said Matt Jones, CEO at E8 Security. “With the E8 Security Behavioral Intelligence Platform, enterprises can augment the capabilities of their analysts, improve the operational efficiency of their existing security systems and act decisively to resolve threats. They can achieve these results without having to add armies of additional analysts.”

The E8 Security Behavioral Intelligence Platform uses machine learning to track and identify every entity (user and machine) in the enterprise. It bridges the awareness gaps that exist in legacy security tools through a set of smart algorithms that identify malicious behavior and prioritize the riskiest threats. By combining the scale of big data, the power of behavioral analytics and incorporating the knowledge from human insight, the E8 Security solution identifies hidden threats and helps resolves them faster.

“Security teams using the solution will be able to identify and resolve threats faster – separating the signal from the noise – so they can act with certainty,” said Ravi Devireddy, CTO at E8 Security. “Within mere days of installing the E8 Security Behavioral Intelligence Platform, security teams will have a clear and accurate picture of the critical threats that are hiding, evolving and mutating inside their business. This solution continually evolves, creating a learning loop.  As E8 Security’s solution encounters more threats and interacts with security analysts, it becomes smarter, augmenting the intelligence the security operations team needs to act on. ”

The E8 Behavioral Intelligence Platform empowers enterprises with:

·       Visibility Into Previously Unknown Persistent Threats – Behavioral intelligence automatically identifies anomalies, while a self-learning system eliminates the need for extensive configuration or manual analysis.

·       Threat Prioritization Based on Risk – Models behavior across users and devices, eliminates data silos and seamlessly integrates with legacy systems to enrich alerts and ingest data.

·       Rapid Threat Response – An intuitive user experience and comprehensive analysis increase the effectiveness of existing security infrastructure and produces results within days of installation.

For more information on the E8 Security Behavioral Intelligence Platform, visit http://e8security.com/product/

About E8 Security

E8 Security is transforming the way enterprises use technology to find and resolve threats that have already infiltrated enterprise security perimeters. With its scalable, machine learning-based approach to behavioral analytics, E8 Security is arming security teams to take a smart, adaptive approach to finding security threats and adversaries. The company’s breakthrough Behavioral Intelligence Platform augments  and accelerates existing security and IT investments – such as SIEM and NG-FW - so that security teams can quickly find and resolve threats fast. E8 Security is headquartered in Silicon Valley and is funded by March Capital PartnersAllegis Capital and The Hive.

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