Cymmetria Launches

Security startup makes defense 'dynamic.'

July 1, 2015

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Cymmetria is building an enterprise security system that puts the attacker in a rat maze.

Today, security solutions are either signature based (they look for known attacks) or behavior based (machine learning extracts info from big data). These solutions are static -- you build a system in advance and wait for an attacker to reach you. These solutions put defenders in an endless game of cat and mouse, where the attacking side has complete situational awareness, and defenders have none.

Strategically, there is no reason why the defenders shouldn’t have the “home court” advantage, and this can be achieved by the deployment of decoy technology.

Cymmetria is making defense dynamic. They're building a system that can shape an attacker's behavior by leading them toward decoys. While other systems focus on the attack, Cymmetria focuses on the attacker. By intercepting an attacker's decision making processes and methodologies, their presence can be detected and investigated immediately.

Cymmetria's system is inspired by the "OODA loop". The "OODA loop" is a decision cycle (observe, orient, decide and act) developed by military strategist Colonel John Boyd. The approach favors agility when dealing with attackers.

How it works
1. Cymmetria generates one alert to signal the attacker's presence.

2. They generate immediate forensics that allow for investigation and mitigation to begin.

The system is easy to deploy, scalable and integrates fully with an organization’s current security.

The company is founded by Gadi Evron, Dean Sysman and Ran Harel.The founders have years of experience working, managing and innovating in the enterprise cyber security industry, in both the private and public sector.

Gadi worked as VP Cybersecurity Strategy at Kaspersky, headed PWC's Cyber Security Center of Excellence in Israel, and led the Israeli government Internet security operation, he sits on advisory boards with the Cyber Threat Intelligence Alliance and the Israeli CERT. Dean has formerly been an officer and commander in unit 8200 in Israeli military intelligence. Ran was formerly the senior expert for a nation-scale cyber defense system and has over 10 years experience in enterprise security including global banks and financial organizations.

Cymmetria is the first Israeli security company funded by Y Combinator. They have a design partnership with one of the big four US banks and have several installations in the US. They are funded by private investors, Y Combinator and Seedcamp.


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