CyberSponse, Inc. Announces CyberSponse IR360° -- Tier 4-Compliant Cybersecurity Incident Response Platform

Workflow automation, command and control gives corporate incident response teams the power to manage risk, protect valuable assets, and reduce costs & risk associated with enterprise security operations

June 25, 2014

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Boston, Mass. ( – June 24, 2014 – CyberSponse, Inc., the leading provider of cybersecurity and incident response (IR) technology, today announces commercial availability of CyberSponse IR360°, the industry’s first fully automated enterprise-grade platform for cyber security incident response teams (CSIRTs). The platform meets the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) Tier 4 standard for cybersecurity incident readiness, while patent-pending enhancements and new features give IR teams the power to manage risk, protect valuable assets, and reduce costs associated with enterprise security operations.

In February 2014, NIST released its Framework for Improving Critical Infrastructure Cybersecurity that is intended to set the standard for cybersecurity incident readiness. The Framework describes by Tier the increasing degree of rigor and sophistication in cybersecurity risk management practices, the extent to which business needs inform cybersecurity risk management, and how to integrate cybersecurity risk management into an organization’s overall risk management practices. Tier 4 Adaptive is the highest level of readiness. It requires an organization to adapt and learn, create an organization-wide approach to addressing incidents, and actively share threat information with partners to permit a community approach to preventing breaches.

CyberSponse’s workflow automation and tracking features make it the only platform available for full Tier 4 compliance. It enables adaptive response, while including all stakeholders and facilitating information sharing with other organizations through its participation with Information Sharing and Analysis Centers (ISACs).

“During the first few hours following an information security threat, the ability to lock down communications, assess the scope of the threat, mitigate further risk, and secure IT forensics are crucial to identifying and containing the attack,” said Joseph Loomis, founder and CEO of CyberSponse. “We have essentially redefined online security and compliance by protecting companies with an enterprise command and control automation technology that is suitable for organizations of all sizes across any industry. No other solution provides the complete visibility over an organization’s computer security umbrella.”

With the platform’s advanced out-of-band IR automation, companies can prevent the destructive brand impact and financial losses of data breaches. CyberSponse IR360° allows CSIRTs to securely and seamlessly communicate across the organization, as well as automate workflows.

According to Lt. Gen. Rhett A. Hernandez (ret.), former Commander, US Army Cyber Command, “Over recent months, I have seen significant maturity in the capabilities of CyberSponse IR360°. If I had CyberSponse while at Cyber Command, it would have helped increase collaboration and shared situation awareness, key to mitigating impact and returning to operations, for incident response teams and security operation centers.”

Automating Traditionally Slow-moving, Costly Paper-based Processes

Although incident response has gained more attention over the years, there remains a common misunderstanding about how IR tools should help solve the problem. The industry has progressed from security incident and event management (SIEM) like paper manuals and checklists to online spreadsheets and Word documents. However, these tools are limited in their ability to manage policy-controlled response efforts, causing a fundamental disconnect that leads to ineffective incident response, brand trauma, and crippling costs.

Where the traditional SIEM and ticketing tools fall short, CyberSponse provides the solution by pushing the alerts from SIEM tools into an automated workflow that provides comprehensive command and control — all within a secure collaboration environment. This enables IR teams to reduce labor and mitigation costs, while eliminating confusion and frustration.


CyberSponse IR360° features include:

●     the industry’s first fully visual, drag-and-drop workflow automation engine — provides easy planning and readability, along with real-time workflow process monitoring

●     business intelligence level reporting analytics — offers in-depth measurement of IR team metrics for all tasks, events, and incidents

●     enterprise-grade secure collaboration tools — allows teams to collaborate at a moment’s notice through secure chat and messaging, conference calling, and group SMS


CyberSponse is in the process of integrating with other tool sets to offer additional capabilities, including intrusion detection, ticketing systems, firewalls, and asset management. The platform also features a mature API and an advanced framework architecture that offers complete customization and page design layout, which allows organizations to create the IR framework that best meets their unique needs for rules-based processes and compliance adherence.


Pricing and Availability

CyberSponse IR360° is available now directly from CyberSponse. Pricing starts at $199 per month per seat. Additional professional services and technical support are available from CyberSponse authorized partners. To schedule a demo or understand how CyberSponse can assist your team, please visit


About CyberSponse

Founded in 2011, CyberSponse is a leading provider of automated incident response (IR) solutions for cyber security threat management. The scalable and integrated IR platform helps companies prevent the destructive brand impact and financial losses of data breaches by providing advanced out of band IR automation. Designed for CSIRTs, CyberSponse allows them to communicate securely and seamlessly across the organization, while automating workflows and tasks. Organizations across a wide range of markets including financial services, healthcare, retail, government, higher education, utilities, and hospitality turn to CyberSponse to shorten the time it takes to resolve cyber threats. Offices are located in Scottsdale, Arizona. For more information, please visit


Joseph Loomis, founder and CEO of CyberSponse, has a passion for competitive entrepreneurship and security that started very early, as he watched his father serve as a volunteer fire chief and discovered an interest in helping when disaster strikes. After serving as a U.S. Navy Electronics & Cryptological Tech, Loomis delved into technology and cyber security, founding several companies that worked with Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Pfizer, and more. In 2011, Loomis founded CyberSponse, an incident response company that helps organizations mitigate risk, militarize operational teams, and lower compliance costs. He also is a cooperative member with the FBI and DEA’s cybercrime divisions, allowing him to share expertise and be on the forefront of security innovation.

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