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Columbitech announced a solution that enables operators to provide customers with total mobility via easy and immediate Internet access

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July 11, 2006

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NEW YORK -- Mobile security solutions provider Columbitech today announced a solution that enables operators to provide customers with total mobility via easy and immediate access to the Internet, from any location and over any network. The software runs in the background, constantly monitoring current and available networks and seamlessly connects to the best option. This convenience gives subscribers easy access to the Internet wherever they are, while giving operators new revenue streams with the increased usage of data services.

As laptop users move between different wired and wireless networks Columbitech Connect automatically detects, selects and seamlessly logs on to the best connection at any location. This new solution eliminates the need for the subscriber to keep track of network availability, remember different log in parameters, or perform any manual configurations when transferring between various networks.

Columbitech Connect monitors LAN and WLAN connections, handles dial-up to 3G and GPRS, and performs automatic logon to wireless hotspots. The best connection is automatically selected based on a combination of availability, speed and user-specified policies.

Introducing Cost Control
When users logon remotely from hotspots or other sites with roaming and dial-up charges, there is uncertainty about cost, which may make them reluctant to use data services. To eliminate such concerns, Columbitech Connect includes functionality for cost control. The solution supervises the current data rate, data amount and uptime, and implements customizable warnings, based on operator preferences, tariffs, and pricing schemes. For example, a subscriber can be notified when they are about to exceed the amount of data included in a flat-rate fee, or receive a warning before connecting to an operator that is not included in a certain pricing plan.

Additional Self-help Tools
To minimize cost of ownership, reduce the need for customer care and further enhance usability, Columbitech Connect provides an automated self-help tool. One of the obstacles for accessing the Internet via mobile networks is the complexity associated with setting it up. Columbitech’s integrated support tool provides one-click installation, client configuration and profile management. The support tool also manages troubleshooting and is available both on- and off-line.

Secure Corporate Access Available
Columbitech Connect is a stand alone solution for quick and convenient access to the Internet. For enterprises and remote workers who require a secure connection to internal networks, Columbitech Connect is easily integrated with Columbitech Wireless VPN and Columbitech Personal Firewall. This integrated solution is available for a multitude of devices and PC Cards, including support for Windows Mobile 5.0, Symbian 9.1 and Windows XP.

“This new solution makes it extremely easy for the subscriber to always be online, even when moving between different kinds of networks,” said Lars Resenius, CEO of Columbitech. “The user doesn’t need to worry about which network is available, or how to log on. Just open the laptop and you’re connected!”

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