WireHead, Media Sourcery Offer PKI Service To Infosec Island

IslandPKI Web-based service to provide secure, easy-to-use browser-to-browser messaging and file transfer capabilities

September 23, 2009

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RALEIGH, NC " September 21, 2009 " WireHead SecurityTM and Media Sourcery today announced a strategic partnership under which WireHead is delivering a first-of-a-kind security service to its new Infosec IslandTM community for IT and information security professionals. The new service, called IslandPKITM is the first public Web-based service to provide secure, easy-to-use browser-to-browser messaging and file transfer capabilities. IslandPKI is built on proven technology from Media Sourcery, currently in use at major healthcare and other organizations providing secure business-to-business solutions.

Using this technology provides the IslandPKI architecture with the highest level of security available for confidential and privileged business or personal communications. Infosec Island is the first secure infosec community featuring not only SSL-based security, but additional options for enhanced security for its members, such as IslandPKI.

As the first premium service available on Infosec Island, IslandPKI takes the complexity out of using public key infrastructure (PKI) encryption technology, providing an easy-to-use solution for encrypting sensitive employee, health or financial records and documents to share them safely via the Web.

IslandPKI is available on the Infosec Island site starting today to anyone who registers for a free membership. There is a 60-day free trial available to all Island members, after which members may subscribe for a low, flat fee of $25 per month/per user for this unique service. Site licensing options will be available to any organization with 100 or more registered members of Infosec Island.

IslandPKI was developed for Infosec Island by WireHead Security and Media Sourcery, makers of the AppMobilizer and PortalMobilizer security solutions. The underlying PKI technology is based on the PortalMobilizer solution from Austin, TX-based Media Sourcery, and is licensed by WireHead Security and adapted for Infosec Island.

For small- to medium-sized businesses, healthcare providers and facilities and other organizations that routinely handle confidential records and data, IslandPKI transforms PKI-level security into a practical option for the first time. IslandPKI makes it easy, quick and simple for IT/security pros to help non-technical users within their organizations to safely and securely share these records and documents. It is highly suitable for any industry that deal with regulatory compliance, such as healthcare, law, law enforcement, banking, government, insurance and financial services.

"We have been providing solutions for organizations in the healthcare field, as our technologies are designed from the ground up with HIPAA compliance in mind, plus simplicity," noted Larry Ketchersid, chairman and CEO of Media Sourcery. "IslandPKI is an ideal way to utilize our proven solutions to give the Infosec Island community an easy way to securely share any type of document or file containing confidential personal data or privileged business communications. We're very pleased to partner with WireHead and Infosec Island on this innovative Web-based service. The IslandPKI approach is simply not available on any other infosec portal or online community."

"IslandPKI brings Infosec Island members a number of unique benefits that enhance their organization's security," said Michael Menefee, president of Infosec Island publisher WireHead Security. "It can protect any document containing an individual's Social Security Number or other sensitive data, the loss of which could result in identity theft or fraud. It's so easy to use that any employee can use the service—not just technical experts highly-trained in PKI. That's the genius behind Media Sourcery's technology, and that's why we're so pleased to partner with them to deliver IslandPKI to our members."

IslandPKI offers the following functionality to Infosec Island members:

  • Lightweight, secure, browser-based communications via public key infrastructure;

    • Enables direct, highly-secure member-to-member communications including messaging within the Infosec Island site as well as file transfers; -- PKI, session encryption, encrypted local keystore, secure handshake, private key challenge/response, unique digital signature, and parcel payload verification; and, -- Planned enhancements for early 2010 include support for secure messaging and file transfer with a number of popular mobile devices plus a first-time authentication process for communicating with non-members of the Island.

      About Infosec Island Infosec Island is a new type of online community designed specifically for IT professionals who manage security, risk and compliance. Unlike other infosec portals, it combines the benefits of IT security portals and social networking into a single, vendor-neutral community. Infosec Island members improve their organization's security, save time and reduce their costs by taking advantage of a unique set of benefits, including infosec news and information, built-in social networking capabilities, relevant content based on personalized organizational views, free security tools and premium Web-based security services. Infosec Island is the first secure infosec community featuring not only SSL-based security, but additional options for higher security levels. Membership is free.

      Developed by professional services firm WireHead Security (www.wireheadsecurity.com), Infosec Island focuses on several industry sectors, including higher education, K-12, government, banking and insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, scientific research and other SMB enterprises. Based in Raleigh, NC, WireHead Security enables its clients to reduce their business risks by remediating dangerous and costly information security weaknesses. The company delivers high-quality security solutions and consulting services that help organizations combat threats and institute policies and procedures to safeguard their security. WireHead Security LLC is privately held and was founded in January 2009. More information can be found on the Web at http://www.infosecisland.com. You can follow Infosec Island on Twitter at http://twitter.com/InfosecIsland, or follow Mike Menefee's blog at http://www.hackyourself.net.

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