Wedge Networks Secures Mobility For Service Providers And Carriers

Mobile Security Module protects enterprise customers and subscribers from mobile malware and malicious threats

June 9, 2012

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DALLAS (TIA Booth: #906) – June 5, 2012 – Wedge Networks, an innovator providing remediation-based Deep Content Inspection for high-performance, network-based web, e-mail and data security, today announced the availability of its Mobile Security Module for service provider and operator networks. The Mobile Security Module features the most comprehensive mobile threat intelligence, with rapid deployment and zero device footprint, allowing service providers to protect their network, enterprise customers and subscribers from mobile malware and malicious threats.

The mobile threat landscape is rapidly expanding to include mobile malware, messaging threats, information theft and malicious apps, leaving service providers open to additional vulnerabilities and their users with compromised devices. Using URL filtering and device security applications to combat these threats has proven to be inefficient, hard to manage and adverse to the device performance it is designed to protect.

News Facts:

? Most comprehensive mobile security solution: World-class threat intelligence partners, cloud sourcing and research labs provide the most up-to-date and dynamic threat protection.

? Multi-threat/multi-protocol security platform: Patented cross-session/cross-protocol support enables protection, identification and intelligence on blended threats that affect mobile devices, including everything from outbound data leaks to threats hidden in messages, social networking web pages, mobile apps and rich content.

? Build a trusted relationship between the operator and subscriber by stopping threats at the network: Utilize WedgeOS Deep Content Inspection (DCI) technology to conduct real-time full content/context analysis, detecting and blocking threats at the network before they reach vulnerable end-user mobile devices.

? Increase revenue streams from enterprise accounts: Security-as-a-service and new programs are offered to subscribers. From subscriber security value-added services to supporting enterprises with Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, service providers now have a viable new revenue stream.

? Reduced operational costs: The Mobile Security Module helps control compromised devices, reducing support calls, encouraging self-management and eliminating illegitimate traffic on the network.

? Rapid deployment into existing networks: WedgeOS’s industry-leading performance, combined with its unique inline, L2 transparent network stack allows service providers and operators to rapidly enable mobile security without reengineering their existing network and without loading anything onto the mobile devices.

Supporting Quotes:

? Hongwen Zhang, President and CEO, Wedge Networks, said:

“Ensuring the security of mobile devices while continuing to deliver an uncompromised level of service is paramount for mobile operators and service providers to maintain customer trust. At Wedge, we have worked closely with partners and customers to develop and validate this innovative mobile security solution to effectively protect mobile devices at the network transport layer. This solution not only allows operators to provide comprehensive security, but also enables new revenue and customer acquisition opportunities while avoiding the high costs of provisioning and managing security software on mobile devices.”

? Martha Vazquez, Global Network Industry security analyst, Frost & Sullivan, said:

“Today’s evolving workforce needs an alternative and high-level pathway to secure sensitive data on mobile devices. At Frost & Sullivan, we have seen an increase in enterprise and government organizations with BYOD policies looking for network security as a key feature when selecting their service providers.”

About Wedge Networks

Wedge Networks is an innovator providing remediation-based Deep Content Inspection for high-performance, network-based Web security. It provides a scalable, real-time solution that understands the intent of Data-in-Motion, enabling the detection and remediation of both known and novel threats without impactingnetwork performance. Its BeSecure appliances are easily integrated into existing environments. Wedge Networks provides its global customers, partners and distributors a dramatically safer and innovative way to do business. For more information, visit

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