Wedge Networks BeSecure Aims To Protect Against Malware Outbreaks From Content Service

BeSecure provides deep content inspection for any type of application

May 28, 2011

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CALGARY, ALBERTA May 18, 2011 Wedge Networks, an innovator providing remediation-based Deep Content Inspection for high-performance, network-based Web security, announced today that its BeSecure Web security appliance ensures mobile and online content providers are trusted sources for clean content.

Content providers are facing increasing pressure from ISPs, mobile operators and customers to provide content that is safe from malicious activity. With the rising number of smartphone and other mobile devices, demand for added content has increased. In 2011 alone, Gartner predicts that more than 17 billion apps will be downloaded. As downloads increase, content providers face the challenge of managing high volumes of inbound and outbound traffic.

The Wedge Networks BeSecure Web Security Gateway, running on the patented WedgeOS, goes beyond conventional deep content inspection by providing a scalable, real-time solution that understands the intent of Data-in-Motion, enabling the detection and remediation of both known and novel threats without impacting network performance. The award winning BeSecure Web security appliance provides the ability to detect, block and defend against Web-based malicious attacks that steal data, disrupt networks and damage credibility.

News Facts:

BeSecure provides:

Full Deep Content Inspection for any type of application including: HTTP, FTP, email and all executable files for all operating systems.

Inline anti-malware detection with behavioral analysis on web, email and FTP traffic, which provides threat detection for items such as webmail attachments, applications and software downloads.

Consolidation of many sources of threat intelligence across all communication protocols to stop malicious code regardless of its activation point.

High bandwidth with low latency malware scanning to deploy seamlessly into busy networks and uphold service level agreements.

Inbound and outbound security filtering to provide defense before content hits the internal network and malicious code propagates the consumer space.

A network based, anti-malware and anti-spam solution for multiple devices including: mobile phones, tablets, PDAs and PCs.

Supporting Quotes: Dennis Woronuk, president and COO, Wmode, said: Threats come from all fronts today: applications, the Web and email infrastructures that we use to develop, aggregate and distribute our mobile applications and content. We found that conventional network inspection technologies are unable to deliver the visibility, protection and manageability required to shape Internet traffic and secure IT infrastructure. With the implementation of the Wedge Networks BeSecure Web security appliance, we gained the unique ability to block these attacks from within downloadable applications for smartphones and tablets as well as across all Web and email protocols. The solutions ease-of-use and intelligent scanning and reporting capabilities make it an obvious choice for any organization looking to strengthen its computing infrastructure and services against malware threats. Hongwen Zhang, president and CEO, Wedge Networks, said: Today, more organizations than ever are experiencing fast emerging Web attacks, with recent studies showing that malware threats have increased by

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