WatchGuard Upgrades Messaging Security Appliance

WatchGuard XCS 770R aimed at midmarket and enterprise environments

December 1, 2010

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SEATTLE, Nov. 30, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- WatchGuard Technologies, a global leader of business security solutions, today launched a new addition to its family of high performance messaging and content security appliances, the WatchGuard XCS 770R. Built specifically for mid-market and enterprise environments that require unparalleled inbound and outbound messaging security and comprehensive web content control for unified network, application and data protection, the WatchGuard XCS 770R offers hardware RAID, which gives customers fully redundant messaging security at an affordable price.

"As messaging environments are no longer a matter of convenience but rather a necessity of business, ensuring that highly secure e-mail systems avoid downtime and messages are not lost has never been more important," said , Vice President of Marketing at WatchGuard Technologies. "With WatchGuard XCS 770R, enterprises gain a fail-safe, defense-in-depth solution that provides always-on unified and holistic messaging and content security that protects against next-generation threats, as well as provides an easy to use yet extremely powerful foundation for bi-directional message and web content management and control."

Designed and optimized for networks with 1,000 to 5,000 or more users, WatchGuard XCS 770R appliances offer unparalleled performance, efficacy and reliability. Leveraging an advanced anti-spam engine that examines sender information and content, including images, attachments and embedded URLs, these appliances can conduct contextual analysis of message traffic for a categorized and weighted score, which results in highly intelligent and accurate protection.

For additional control, administrators can appreciate the built in on-box quarantine for spam and suspect e-mails, allowing end users to manage their quarantined messages, safe lists and block lists from an easy to use web-based interface.

Addressing the ever growing threat of blended threats and malware, the WatchGuard XCS 770R appliances provide zero-hour threat outbreak response as well as advanced content filtering and malware protection, which scans inbound as well as outbound e-mails for malicious content.

Given that so many organizations today face a litany of regulatory and compliance requirements for data-in-motion, the WatchGuard XCS 770R with hardware RAID ensures always-on messaging security, as well as sophisticated data loss prevention features, such as transparent remediation to automatically block, quarantine, re-route, blind copy, encrypt or allow messages based on configurable policies, as well as pre-defined compliance dictionaries for GLB, HIPAA, PCI DSS and others to make administration as easy as possible. Seamless e-mail encryption secures confidential messages to any recipient without requiring a dedicated server, thus avoiding the costs associated with most encryption solutions. Furthermore, e-profiling and data discovery and classification allows administrators to classify types of sensitive data, and with centralized data loss policy management, administrators can apply single policies across multiple protocols to protect data-in-motion from loss and policy violations.

For additional redundancy, scalability and maximum uptime, the WatchGuard XCS 770R comes with dynamic on-demand clustering and queue replication, which provides easy replication of configuration settings and messaging queues across multiple systems in minutes, as well as message-level redundancy, which ensures no communications is ever lost and that e-mail security is always up and running.

Like all other WatchGuard XCS appliances the XCS 770R can also take advantage of WatchGuard's innovative in-the-cloud security technology, Reputation Enabled Defense. With 99.99 percent accuracy, Reputation Enabled Defense eliminates up to 98.3 percent of spam e-mail before it ever gets to the network by using DNS blacklists, IP volume, behavior analysis and content inspection. Given that spam e-mail is a major carrier of viruses, phishing and blended threats, having Reputation Enabled Defense pre-screen and eliminate this unwanted traffic makes networks, applications and data better protected as part of WatchGuard's defense-in-depth architecture.

Businesses can leverage the WatchGuard XCS 770R to also provide defense-in-depth web content protection. To reduce exposure to web-based threats, administrators can invoke acceptable use and application controls to centrally manage and restrict Internet and application usage with granular policies for users and groups. URL filtering and categorization dynamically analyzes and blocks access to websites based on content policies. With dynamic inspection, real-time content examination and analysis occurs on every web page that enters the network, and with web traffic enhancements, organizations can reduce bandwidth consumption, server loads and web traffic latency.

Pricing and Availability

The WatchGuard XCS 770R is available now from WatchGuard channel partners. The WatchGuard XCS 770R starts at $14,400; no per user license fees apply. More information is available at

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