Watchful Software Showcases New Version of RightsWATCH at RSA

Version 6.6 takes center stage at the RSA Conference at North Hall, booth #3026.

April 21, 2015

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Medford, NJ, 21st April 2015 Watchful Software, a leading provider of data-centric information security solutions, today announced the release of version 6.6 of RightsWATCH, the company’s award winning information security solution. The latest release of RightsWATCH is now available and brings deeper capabilities to address GRC initiatives, enhanced policy management and enterprise collaboration via SharePoint.

RightsWATCH ensures that sensitive information is identified, classified, marked/tagged, and can only be used by those who have express authority to do so. Even if data is leaked or stolen, it is rendered useless to unauthorized parties that may acquire it,” said Charles Foley, Watchful Software Chairman and CEO. “RightsWATCH version 6.6 further enforces an organization’s information security policy with the seamless and dynamic process that RightsWATCH has become known for, thereby protecting data privacy, slashing liability, and ensuring regulatory compliance.”

To better address GRC initiatives, RightsWATCH now delivers the ability to apply policy rules to any file type, based on an expanded set of parameters such as who the author/editor of the file might be, or file characteristics such as file size, path, type, creation/edit date, or existing classifications that the file may already have. “This means that companies can now set up policy rules to apply if a particular user or group of users saves a classified file such as a PDF document into a particular storage location which might include USB drives, web-based drives such as OneDrive, or other locations of potential high risk,” explained Rui Melo Biscaia, Director of Product Management of Watchful Software. “The same thing goes for legacy data that has been building up for years on corporate servers which companies may need to automatically classify. RightsWATCH provides ways to deploy content, context and metadata aware policy rules to any file type, enforcing corporate policy.”

Intelligent Time Access (ITA) is a new feature of RightsWATCH 6.6 that automates compliance in regulated industries and fixed-duration project scenarios. When using RightsWATCH for data classification initiatives, companies can leverage ITA to automatically update the classification of MS Office files after a specified date in the future. “ITA is particularly interesting in situations in which classification levels are related to projects/initiatives that have an expiration date and/or whose sensitivity decreases/increases after a specific day in the future,” explained Biscaia.

For enterprise collaboration initiatives, RightsWATCH 6.6 has extended ability to enhance SharePoint security parameters. Organizations can now automatically classify and RMS protect MS Office and PDF files added to a specific SharePoint library. “Files can be automatically classified and RMS protected as they are uploaded to SharePoint libraries, even if the users don’t have RightsWATCH installed on his/her laptop or desktop.  Further, if the classification and protection are policy-driven, the user isn’t asked to do anything outside of their normal workflow for uploading the files into SharePoint,” explained Biscaia.

From an information management and governance perspective, companies have now the ability to allow an even deeper segregated access to the admin interface of RightsWATCH. Release 6.6 allows project managers or department heads to set up an information classification schema, policies, and access specifically to address the needs of their projects or departments, without having access to anything administrative actions that are not directly related to their project/department.  In this manner, scope-specific management can be offloaded to the department level, while guarding against the potential of administrative breach in other areas.

Further enhancements on version 6.6 of RightsWATCH are the support for Microsoft’s new .PPDF file format in a RightsWATCH environment, together with the ability to support watermarks and policy rules applied in a webmail environment in Office 2013 (via Outlook Web Access). 

Watchful Software is showcasing RightsWATCH 6.6 at the RSA Conference in San Francisco, in North Hall booth #3026. You may use the code X5EWATCH to register for a complimentary “Exhibit Hall Only” pass for RSA at

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