Vormetric Extends Encryption From The Data Center Into Amazon Clouds

Vormetric Data Security for Amazon Web Services uses policy-driven encryption to secure sensitive data in the cloud

February 10, 2011

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SAN JOSE, Calif. - Feb. 9, 2011 - Vormetric, Inc., the leader in enterprise systems encryption, today announced Vormetric Data Security for Amazon Web Services (AWS), allowing customers to confidently leverage the cloud while maintaining governance and proven security for sensitive data. This solution extends Vormetric's unique combination of encryption, access control and audit to data in the Amazon Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) offering. Enterprises can now meet regulatory compliance and data governance requirements with a single offering that applies persistent security policies to data in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

According to an independent Forrester Research report, "In order for organizations to move computing resources and applications to the cloud, the value must exceed the risk. The risks of cloud migration are largely captured in one word - 'security'. Half of the organizations that are not adopting cloud computing cite security as the reason. As cloud adoption moves to the mainstream and expands from tactical uses to strategic platforms, enterprises will need to address cloud security and compliance issues more holistically. This will be especially true as organizations look to use cloud in cases where highly sensitive data is involved, where rigorous compliance requirements apply, or for business-critical applications."

Strong Security Model Meets Unique Cloud Challenges

Vormetric Data Security for AWS uses policy-driven encryption to secure sensitive data in the cloud. It enables compliance and facilitates governance by separating data security management from cloud management using FIPS-validated encryption and robust key management. Vormetric Data Security for Amazon helps enterprises capitalize on cloud computing's speed of deployment by requiring no application or database redesign or recoding. Enterprises can rapidly deploy cloud applications and data with encryption in place, meeting security requirements while minimizing development and administration burdens. To overcome the limitations of volume-level cloud encryption solutions that only provide control over a storage volume, Vormetric operates at a granular file level to enforce encryption, enable access control policies and audit usage at the server, process and user layers. This approach extends the security value of encryption beyond simple media theft protection and allows enterprises to address insider threat, separation of duties and gain insight into access activity for data in the cloud.

Data in the Cloud, Control in the Enterprise

Insider threat issues, such as those posed by WikiLeaks, and increased audit scrutiny are driving greater focus on how enterprises manage the security of their data. While data is protected in the cloud, Vormetric Data Security for Amazon allows enterprises to directly maintain control over key and policy management through a single FIPS-validated system. In addition, the solution's granular auditing provides immediate insight into cloud data access, highlighting potential security issues and providing essential information to auditors. This extension of the Vormetric Data Security solution delivers a single standard to protect all enterprise data residing in physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Portable and Continuous Data Security

Evolving business requirements are causing enterprises to move data between private and public clouds, driving a need for data centric controls that travel with data. Vormetric addresses this need through a unique encryption and access control policy model that automatically follows data. This capability eliminates redundant policy stores for on-premise/private cloud and public cloud infrastructures, while ensuring consistent enforcement of security standards and adherence to compliance requirements wherever the data resides.

"While cloud-based services promise greater agility and cost savings, security concerns have presented large barriers to enterprise adoption. Vormetric Data Security for Amazon Web Services is an important breakthrough for cloud security - providing enterprises with consistent, strong data-centric controls regardless of whether data is in the data center, the branch office or the cloud," said Ashvin Kumaraju, VP of Product Development of Vormetric. "Vormetric Data Security for Amazon extends all the security, encryption key and policy management, separation of duties and auditing capabilities of our solution to the Amazon platform. Customers can enjoy unified data security management for datacenter, private cloud and public cloud infrastructures with one console that enforces policies on data even when it migrates between locations."


Vormetric Data Security for Amazon Web Services is available immediately from Vormetric and its business partners worldwide. Contact Vormetric for pricing.

About Vormetric

Vormetric is the leader in enterprise system encryption. The Vormetric Data Security product line provides a single, manageable and scalable solution to encrypt any file, any database, any application, anywhere it resides- without sacrificing application performance or creating key management complexity. Some of the largest and most security conscious organizations and government agencies in the world, including 7 of the Fortune 20, have standardized on Vormetric to provide strong, easily manageable data security. Vormetric technology has been selected by IBM as the only database encryption solution for DB2 and Informix on LinuxTM, Unix' and Windows; by Symantec to provide the Symantec Veritas NetBackupTM Media Server Encryption Option; and by Oracle to secure the execution environment for Oracle' Database Vault. For more information visit, www.vormetric.com.

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