Voltage Security Extends End-To-End Email Encryption To iOS And Android Devices

Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition allows mobile users to read encrypted messages sent from Voltage-enabled desktops, gateways, enterprise applications and other mobile devices

June 23, 2012

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Cupertino, CA – June 12, 2012 – Voltage Security®, the world leader in data-centric security and stateless key management, today announced Voltage SecureMail™ Mobile Edition, the first product release from the Voltage Security Mobile Plus Initiative, a comprehensive program designed to extend data-centric security to a new generation of mobile devices.

Featuring the quintessential Voltage easy-to-use experience, Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition allows mobile users to read encrypted messages sent from Voltage-enabled desktops, gateways, enterprise applications and other mobile devices. Users can reply to or compose new secure messages to any standard inbox with a simple “send secure” option. By working with the native mobile email client apps for iOS, Android and BlackBerry, users can enjoy their familiar email experience and native phone features for ease of use and convenience. Granular, centrally managed message-level mobile policies simplify regulatory compliance for sensitive email content– inside and outside the enterprise.

Created with the same proven and highly scalable Voltage Identity-Based Encryption (IBE) technology for securing sensitive email for leading enterprises – including a third of the world’s 20 largest organizations – Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition protects sensitive email messages and attachments with persistent data encryption, mitigating the risk of data breaches and streamlining compliance with privacy regulations. Unlike approaches that leave security gaps, add complexity and cost of traditional key management, or third-party messaging systems, Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition reinforces Voltage Security’s data-centric leadership in a large and rapidly expanding mobile world.

Key features in Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition include:

Native device and app integration: Works with the existing email client apps, native UI, contacts and global address lists. Full attachment support with native viewers streamlines access to secure content for mobile users. Sending secure email is just a tap away and there is no need for a third-party mobile inbox or service, or confusing message delivery methods.

Immediate value: Mobile Edition-enabled enterprises can unlock the full set of rich capabilities, including mobile-specific policies, native app features, and an intuitive native user interface. App-store provisioning: Employees, partners, and customers can self-provision the app and register their email address within minutes, streamlining secure business interactions to supported mobile users anywhere, anytime. Unified policies and enforcement: Enables central control and audit for enforcing security policies including authentication, recipient rules, reply, forward, and compose - inside and outside the enterprise. Global enterprise scale: With no per-device key pairs or certificates to manage, or custom configuration files to distribute, Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition can be deployed across a dispersed enterprise user population quickly and with minimal operational cost. Designed for MDM compatibility: Working with Bring Your Own Device-driven Mobile Device Management solutions, the new mobile apps reach past MDM device-level controls to protect email and attachments wherever they go. Protect cloud email messages: Supports recipients using popular web-based email services on mobile devices. Users on Gmail and Yahoo Mail, for example, can rest assured their messages remain secure, even if their inbox is compromised.

“While enterprise BYOD enhances productivity, it presents major challenges to risk and compliance, especially with devices proliferating faster than ever before,” said Mark Bower, vice president of product management at Voltage Security. “Mobile device email communication brings new and continuous threats to sensitive high value data – it takes just one breach to lead to brand damage, litigation and lost business. Enterprises want data protection end-to-end across the entire message lifecycle from laptops, enterprise applications and cloud-based consumer services to smartphones and tablets. Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition delivers data-centric protection for emails and attachments with the easiest, most usable, anywhere-anytime native mobile application.”

According to Forrester, “When leveraged correctly, mobile technologies in the form of applications, smartphones, and tablets can give your business a competitive edge over your less-connected peers. IT professionals are under enormous pressure to develop a comprehensive approach to mobility that realizes its business, financial, and operational benefits while still protecting the organization from security, legal, and compliance risks." (Forrester Research, Inc., “Define A Road Map For Mobile Security And Operations,” May 16, 2012)

Despite explosive growth in the adoption of mobile devices for business use, the market for mobile data security remains wide open. Platform approaches such as traditional PKI-based S/MIME products are too complex and don’t map to today’s dynamic business needs, while solutions that focus on the device itself leave data exposed when it’s sent to other users such as partners and customers. Symmetric key systems, meanwhile, try to hide costly and difficult-to-scale key management complexity from users, and most webmail security systems break critical processes such as e-discovery and retention for recipients.

By contrast, Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition complements and enhances existing security and compliance approaches rather than ignoring them. Using 100% push technology and proven IBE, there’s a consistent approach to enforcing policy and maintaining a simple, transparent user experience across even the most sophisticated enterprise email environments. Utilizing Voltage Security’s unique stateless key management, Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition deploys easily with existing enterprise infrastructure for authentication, Data Loss Prevention (DLP), MDM, e-discovery and email archiving.

Pricing & Availability

Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition is a separately licensed offering for commercial enterprises. The mobile apps are available as a no-charge download in permitted countries to employees, contractors, customers, partners, vendors and suppliers of Voltage SecureMail-enabled enterprises. The new mobile email security app for Android smartphones and iOS devices is available immediately for download from the Apple App Store and Google Play. The app for BlackBerry smartphones will be available in July.

Search for “Voltage SecureMail” in the app stores.

For more information about Voltage SecureMail Mobile Edition, please visit www.voltage.com/securemailmobile

About Voltage Security

Voltage Security®, Inc. is the world leader in providing data-centric encryption and key management solutions for combating new and emerging security threats. With innovative, powerful and easy-to-use encryption and tokenization solutions for protecting sensitive business data, Voltage customers are able to address privacy regulations and best practices from around the world. Voltage customers adopting data-centric encryption include some of the largest companies in the world across a wide variety of industries including payments, financial, insurance, medical, e-commerce and more. Voltage solutions include three groundbreaking encryption approaches: Identity-Based Encryption™ (IBE), Format-Preserving Encryption™ (FPE), and Page-Integrated Encryption™ (PIE). Voltage solutions have changed how enterprises protect their most valuable assets—their customer data. Offerings include Voltage SecureMail™, Voltage SecureData™, Voltage SecureData Payments™, Voltage SecureFile™, Voltage SecureData Web™ and Voltage Cloud Services™, which provides cloud scale encryption and key management for their businesses, partners and customers. The company has been issued several patents based upon breakthrough research in mathematics and cryptographic systems. To learn more about Voltage customers please visit voltage.com/customers.

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