Vineyard Networks Promises To Add "Application-Aware" Security Capabilities To A Wide Range Of Vendor Products

Network Application Visibility Layer analyzes network data in real time

March 26, 2011

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Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, March 16, 2011 – Application vulnerabilities rank as the top security threat to organizations today, with mobile devices – often loaded with social networking and other consumer applications – coming in at second. To address these threats, IT staffs are adopting next generation network solutions that provide visibility, management, and security into the applications on the network. The ability for network solution vendors and service providers to provide this functionality now – not in one-to-two years – is vital to their survival in today’s marketplace. With the 2.7 release of its Network Application Visibility Layer (NAVL) library announced today, Vineyard Networks enables service providers and network infrastructure vendors to add application intelligent classification to their solutions easily and cost effectively.

Network infrastructure vendors are slowly responding to the demand for application intelligence. The Next Generation Firewall is the first of many “next generation” network solutions, like WAN optimization, network monitoring, and application delivery controllers, that will evolve to operate at the application layer. But building application-intelligent technology is time and resource intensive. And with businesses actively upgrading to next generation solutions, vendors can’t afford the delay. Nor do they have to.

Key Highlights of Vineyard Networks’ Network Application Visibility Library

Real-time application visibility. Vineyard Networks’ Network Application Visibility Library (NAVL) is a Layer 7 classification and deep packet inspection engine that analyzes network data in real time and extracts application information and data. With the 2.7 release, NAVL features thousands of application signatures, a new custom application definition interface that enables end users to easily create definitions for in-house or custom apps, and performance to network speeds in excess of 10Gbps.

>> Easing the “next generation” transition to application awareness. Building and maintaining a robust classification engine and the required application signatures is time and resource intensive, requiring dozens of engineers, dedicated test and research resources, and 18 to 24 months of initial development. With NAVL, network infrastructure vendors and service providers can add application intelligence to their solution(s) in less time, for less money, and with lowered risk. Plus, customers benefit from a more mature application intelligent technology that has extensive field exposure and testing. This can save network infrastructure vendors and service providers a minimum of 75% in maintenance costs.

>> A variety of network and security infrastructure solutions. NAVL is already in use in many Next Generation Firewall solutions as well as other network infrastructure markets such as WAN optimization, traffic monitoring and shaping, routing, and application delivery controllers. NAVL’s broad geographical and market exposure help to ensure accurate, reliable classification of a wide range of enterprise and consumer applications.

Supporting Quotes

Eric Ogren, principal analyst, the Ogren Group

>> “Organizations require the next generation of networking products to leverage application intelligence for greater visibility and control of the cyber-infrastructure. Security and networking vendors that hope to compete for enterprise business better offer a solid foundation of high performance application awareness and classification.”

Richard Walford, vice president engineering, Astaro GmbH & Co. KG

>> “Astaro has established a highly successful and rapidly growing business based on a reputation for high quality, innovative products, and an open, proactive approach to problem solving. Vineyard’s NAVL engine is the right solution for our application classification engine, and Vineyard has the right team in place to continue to build a leading product. It’s been a pleasure working with them.”

Andrew S. Rubin, president and CEO, Cymtec

>> “We see strong and growing demand for application awareness from both traffic management and security perspectives. As a leader in both of these markets, partnering with Vineyard allows us to add industry leading application intelligence to our solutions as well.”

Jason Richards, CEO, Vineyard Networks

>> “We build best-of-breed technology at Vineyard Networks that allows network infrastructure vendors to easily add application intelligence into their products, and that’s evidenced by how quickly we’ve grown since our company launch in 2008. By being on the cutting edge of this technology ourselves, we’re in a prime position to help network infrastructure vendors and service providers lead the way in their individual markets.”

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