Vendor-Neutral Certification Program For Cloud Security

CloudCheck Certification Program from Global DataGuard includes two certification levels

April 27, 2010

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Dallas, Texas, April 26, 2010 " Global DataGuard', the premier provider of network behavior analysis-based (NBA) Unified Enterprise Security today announced the CloudCheck Certification Program, a vendor-neutral service that enables businesses to ensure their cloud or hybrid networks meet stringent government and industry standards pertaining to the confidentiality, integrity and security of sensitive customer data. The CloudCheck Certification Program is a complement to Global DataGuard's industry-proven Managed Security and Professional Services and a value-add service option for the company's new Cloud Guard Unified Enterprise Cloud Security technology.

For most companies, security considerations are among the biggest concerns with moving their most sensitive applications and data to the cloud. Analysts suggest that customers should review essential security issues " privileged user access, regulatory compliance, and location, segregation and recovery of data, among others " prior to selecting a cloud computing vendor. "For businesses of all sizes, cloud computing represents the promise of lower cost while establishing the foundation for a new wave of innovation and growth," noted Derek E. Brink, vice president and research fellow for IT Security, Aberdeen Group. "Concerns about security, however, are a key barrier to adoption that must be overcome to give organizations the confidence to place their business-critical applications and data in the cloud. Aberdeen's research has consistently shown that the most successful organizations ensure that their IT infrastructure is first secure, then compliant, and then work to improve operational efficiencies and reduce overall cost. Global DataGuard's initiative to certify security and compliance for cloud computing environments aligns well with what we have seen as the best-in-class approach."

"The goal of the CloudCheck Certification Program is to provide the same level of auditing and compliance certification in the cloud as what customers demand for their premise-based network environments," stated Scott Paly, co-founder and chief executive officer for Global DataGuard. "Regardless of the makeup of their security implementation, the CloudCheck certification seal gives our clients confidence that their confidential data " and their customers' sensitive personal information " is protected."

Unified Cloud Security Global DataGuard is working with SaaS providers such as Amazon Web Services (AWS) to provide additional security functionality to their cloud deployments. With these environments in mind, the CloudCheck Certification Program includes a comprehensive, step-by-step process related to security processes, policy and technology, ensuring that critical customer data in a cloud and/or hybrid network environment is untouchable by unauthorized personnel. Customized services include:

* Security Assessments " gap analyses to evaluate cloud security policies, processes, people and products. * Periodic Audits " monitoring and testing based on compliance requirements to validate that a company's software, systems and security programs are up-to-date. * Web Application Assessments " monitoring and testing of user access privileges to ensure that only authorized users can gain access to sensitive system and user information. * Vulnerability Assessments " quarterly testing of the effectiveness of security measures to ensure that networked systems and high-risk data are secure.

Global DataGuard's CloudCheck Certification Program is available immediately, and is a complement to the company's Cloud Guard unified cloud security offering, which fully integrates patented network behavior analysis and correlation technology with PCI-enabled intrusion detection; vulnerability scanning and management; log management, analysis and monitoring; network access and policy monitoring, and comprehensive threat management capabilities, including prioritized network, global and vendor threats and vulnerabilities.

A Holistic Approach to 'Future-Proof' Cloud Security An approved PCI Scanning Vendor, Global DataGuard's network behavior analysis-based security architecture enables industrial-strength security applications to share and correlate massive amounts of data over long periods of time, so customers have visibility into reconnaissance activity and are able to take preventive steps to defend against attacks from today's cybercriminals. By extending this unified platform into the cloud, organizations can now achieve:

* Virtually unlimited scalability; * Full regulatory compliance with industry and government standards; * 100% passive technology, ensuring zero network latency; * Unified administration, monitoring and reporting that offers comprehensive compliance reporting, weekly and summary reports, and an integrated network security ticketing system; * Customizable, 24/7 Managed Security Services from certified security analysts that can be purchased with or without a contract and provide real-time visibility, control and oversight of an organization's entire security environment " whether it's for premise-based, cloud or hybrid networks; and * Up to a 60% savings in security-related capital expenditures, training and staffing.

About Global DataGuard, Inc. Global DataGuard is the technology leader in network behavior analysis-based Unified Enterprise Security and Unified Enterprise Cloud Security for small-to-medium businesses up to large enterprise environments. The company has been arming Fortune 1000 companies with battle-tested, proven unified security solutions and Security Risk Management (SRM) Managed Security Services since 2001. Today, Global DataGuard unified security solutions for premise-based, cloud and hybrid network environments are deployed on three continents in both corporate and managed services environments. For more information, please call (972) 980-1444, send email to [email protected] or visit the Global DataGuard web site at

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