ValidEdge MIS 1200 processes large volumes of samples, in addition to analyzing unknown malware samples in seconds

December 1, 2010

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SAN JOSE, CA-November 30, 2010–ValidEdge, a wholly owned subsidiary of LynuxWorks, Inc., today announced the most recent version of the Malware Intelligence System (MIS) that provides threat response teams fast, in-depth and actionable information unsurpassed by other malware analyzers.

Incidence response teams can now safely connect the MIS 1200 to the Internet to capture and analyze files downloaded by malware, particularly Bots, running on the MIS1200 appliance. The MIS 1200 also analyzes all dropped files, other processes infected by the malware and all new processes created by malware. These enhancements further increase the lead in analytics capability of the world’s fastest always-on appliance for automated identification and better mitigation of targeted threats from unknown malware. The ValidEdge MIS 1200 features patent-pending malware analytics that identifies unknown malware samples in seconds and allows first responders to analyze Bots and other malware with the aid of a separation kernel technology based appliance.

According to Gurjot Singh, CEO at ValidEdge, “Bots are one of the most severe threats to application and Internet security. ValidEdge is the equivalent of a research lab-in-a-box that identifies zero day or custom malware threats providing the first response teams the ability to detect, analyze and repair compromised systems in real time.”

Additional new features of the ValidEdge MIS 1200 include the ability to analyze malware embedded in Adobe PDF, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft office files plus additional configuration capability for complex malware that requires custom setup for analysis.

About the ValidEdge MIS 1200

The ValidEdge MIS 1200 processes large volumes of samples, in addition to analyzing unknown malware samples in seconds. The ValidEdge MIS 1200 incorporates several innovative analysis engines for classification, decryption, unpacking, reverse engineering, and combined dynamic and static analysis to fully reveal the current and potential intention of unknown malware.

The ValidEdge MIS 1200 provides a secure environment to expose malware, allowing responders to fully grasp the malware’s intention and learn what it was trying to target. It will also identify any logic bombs hidden in the malware waiting for a trigger to cause damage at a later time. Once the new malware has been identified, security professionals receive several detailed reports about the behavior of the malware. With this information responders are better equipped to clean zombie PCs and heal compromised systems. Organizations under malware attack no longer need to wait for signature updates. Using ValidEdge appliances enables organizations to make the right policy and security improvements to further strengthen their organization from future threats.

ValidEdge appliances are unique in the use of military grade separation-kernel technology developed by LynuxWorks to meet the highest requirement of security-critical systems. This technology allows complete isolation of the Windows environment so that malware cannot penetrate and corrupt the platform while it is being analyzed. This innovation ensures the integrity of the results. The MIS 1200 utilizes modern multicore processors, a real-time hypervisor, and an instant Windows environment reload capability to analyze multiple samples simultaneously leading to unparallel analysis throughput.


The ValidEdge MIS 1200 is immediately available.

About ValidEdge

ValidEdge offers the world’s first appliance with separation kernel technology for very fast and secure malware analysis. Designed for the large financial, government and anti-virus (AV) organizations, ValidEdge purpose-built appliances complement current network and AV defenses. Led by a team experienced in building highly secure systems for mission-critical applications and knowledgeable in dismantling sophisticated malware, ValidEdge is ushering in the next generation of malware awareness. ValidEdge is a wholly owned subsidiary of LynuxWorks, Inc., a leader in safe and secure software solutions. For more information, please visit

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