V.i. Labs To Announce CodeArmor 3.0 At RSA Conference 2009

Software protection solution protects .NET APIs so customers can share software IP securely

April 8, 2009

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San Francisco — April 20, 2009 " V.i. Laboratories, ("V.i. Labs"), a leading provider of software protection and piracy business intelligence solutions, will introduce the newest version of its CodeAmor software protection solution at this year's RSA Conference. For the first time, software vendors and enterprise customers can now protect their intellectual property exposed within the wide range of web-based ASP .NET applications they develop or application programming interfaces (APIs) being deployed in external networks or being used in outsourced development projects. Available at the end of April, CodeArmor 3.0 now protects .NET APIs (including Software Development Kits or "SDKs"), allowing enterprises and software vendors to share their software IP securely and allows their customers and partners to extend applications without exposing sensitive IP. It also supports Microsoft ASP.NET, which lets enterprise companies protect sensitive Web applications from tampering or vulnerabilities that can expose customer data when deployed in partner or external networks. ASP.NET is used by enterprises and software vendors to build and deploy valuable applications on the web. CodeArmor Software Protection for .NET goes beyond passive protection approaches like obfuscation to provide a defense against reverse engineering threats or attempts to alter sensitive IP. Unlike obfuscation, CodeArmor actively blocks efforts to decompile and analyze the application at runtime by using code encryption and direct integration with the Microsoft .NET Just-In-Time (JIT) compiling process. Other new features include:

  • Method level code protection - .NET code is protected during the JIT process minimizing access to decrypted code

    • Expanded platform support for 32-bit and 64-bit .NET applications

    • Ability to protect code within an entire assembly and thereby simplifying protection

    • Protect .NET code, but retain access to metadata to support collaborative development environments

      Customer Examples:

      SDK Users A provider of high definition surveying software provides SDKs to partners and OEM customers. The SDK contains valuable IP and innovation and is written in Microsoft .NET. CodeArmor Software Protection 3.0 is used to encrypt and protect the code from being accessed or stolen. With 3.0, the code can be protected and still support 3rd party development while also allowing developers to develop on top of the SDK. Outsourced Web applications: A credit union needs to deploy on-line banking application to branch offices. Application middleware is built using ASP .NET and branch offices do not have robust application security infrastructure. Customer wants to harden application code against tampering and dissassembly prior to deployment in branch offices. A financial services company uses outsourced development of a Web application. The outsource partners are outside the US and in geographies with weak IP enforcement rules. The company will protect their .NET API with CodeArmor 3.0 to allow development to occur without risking access to the valuable source code within the API.

      Enterprise applications A financial services company provides software to clients to support settlement claims calculations. Highly proprietary modeling data is contained in the .NET application and needs to be protected when deployed outside the company.

      Software Piracy Evaluation Free for all Exhibitors This year, exhibitors of the RSA Conference are eligible for a complementary, private piracy analysis of their own applications. During this 20-minute session, anti-piracy experts will provide insight into piracy activity around each participant's software. They will also review how anti-piracy tools are being applied by leading vendors to combat this growing problem. Attendees will learn the unique risks to specific software environments, how to decide when software protection is appropriate and what major software vendors are doing to thwart piracy.

      Pricing CodeArmor will be available April 30 at a price of $18,500.

      About V.i. Laboratories (V.i. Labs) V.i. Labs is the first company to offer Anti-Piracy and Software Protection solutions that enable companies to recover revenue and protect their software intellectual property by detecting, reporting, and preventing the misuse of their applications. Its patented CodeArmor' platform allows software vendors and enterprise organizations to harden their applications against theft and tampering, and to gain business intelligence on the unlicensed use of their software to uncover new revenue streams. V.i. Labs is privately held and is headquartered in Waltham, Mass. For more information, please visit www.vilabs.com.

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