Uniloc Launches softANCHOR 5.0

Uniloc USA announced its next-generation software copy protection solution with the launch of softANCHOR 5.0

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June 26, 2007

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IRVINE, Calif. -- Uniloc USA Inc., the technology leader in physical device recognition for protecting intellectual property, networks and personal data, today announced its next-generation software copy protection solution with the launch of softANCHOR 5.0. Loaded with the industry's most powerful anti-piracy features to prevent license exploitation; provide a global view of piracy-driven loss; allow license Throttling to raise or lower device activation parameters and provide full-featured open source license management - softANCHOR 5.0 is set to redefine leadership in software copy control.

According to research by IDC and the Business Software Alliance, 35 percent of the software installed in 2006 on personal computers (PCs) worldwide was obtained illegally, amounting to nearly $40 billion in global losses due to software piracy. With software being one of the most valuable technologies of this millenium, powering everything from PCs, servers, appliances and the Internet, it is critical to protect and cultivate its growth. As a result of software becoming such an important tool for both personal and business prosperity, the illegal high-volume copying and distribution - software piracy - persists globally. In the United States alone, one in four software programs is unlicensed.

To address this issue, Uniloc has taken everything software publishers, businesses and consumers hate about copy control and thrown it out the window. Now it is possible to implement and maintain highly secure, fully embedded product activation in house - with the comparable ease and simplicity of a security wrapper. Far from an activation "wrapper", softANCHOR 5.0 enables developers to quickly and easily implement fully embedded seamless security configurations, allowing an unlimited number of tripwires and validation checkpoints. softANCHOR's thousands of code variations and obfuscation practices ensure maximum code protection - and the highest hack-resistance available. Unlike other one-solution-fits-all anti-piracy measures, if any one title is ever somehow cracked, that same crack will not apply to any other products.

Included in the softANCHOR 5.0 product suite is the industry's first global piracy auditing solution, LicenseAUDIT. With LicenseAUDIT, users are now able to quantify how pervasive their software piracy issues are and adjust licensing strategies on-the-fly to set policies addressing casual sharing, open sharing and piracy. LicenseAUDIT provides real-time statistics about actual license usage with 100 percent accurate results, so that license management decisions are made on fact versus assumptions. The auditing capability can be deployed independent of softANCHOR 5.0 to provide insight and analysis for any software vendor, using existing software builds and existing software copy control products. To act on this information, Uniloc has also introduced 'Throttling', giving the ability to increase or decrease software copy parameters to strike a balance between help desk calls and piracy protection, and optimize viral marketing models.

"This technology can help customers stay compliant with licensing terms, without inducing onerous restrictions on IT" said Eric Ogren, president of The Ogren Group."Giving software vendors the ability to reward organizations with flexible licensing alternatives is an appealing capability in softANCHOR 5.0 for vendors serving small and medium businesses."

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