Unified Test Initiative Taps ChosenSecurity For Mobile Code-Signing Platform

Platform aimed at Java developers using the newly relaunched Java Verified program

July 24, 2009

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NEWTON, MA " July 21, 2009 " ChosenSecurity today announced that the Unified Test Initiative (UTI) is using its TC TrustCenter division to provide a mobile code signing platform for global Java developers using the newly relaunched Java Verified program.

ChosenSecurity's TC TrustCenter offers on-demand digital certificate management services.

The UTI is a mobile industry cooperative with the goal of growing supply and demand for high quality mobile Java applications by reducing fragmentation. UTI is achieving this by providing a comprehensive test battery, known as the Unified Testing Criteria, against which mobile Java developers can test their applications. UTI members are: ACCESS, LG Electronics, Motorola, Nokia, Orange, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Sun Microsystems and Vodafone Group.

The Java Verified program is managed by the UTI and has been serving the mobile industry for over five years. It has a new streamlined testing and signing process that includes ChosenSecurity's vetting and signing services. Program enhancements provide developers with tools to ensure quality throughout the entire testing process. Enhancements also provide the ability to test applications across a greater number of devices at a significant cost savings, compared to previous testing models. Applications that pass Java Verified program testing are digitally signed and returned to developers, earning them a mark of quality that will help speed their path to market and permit the applications to run, without excessive security prompts, on the device. For more information visit: http://javaverified.com.

To date, the Java platform has attracted an estimated 6.5 million software developers, making it the largest and most active developer community in the world. Java powers more than 4.5 billion devices including 800+ million PCs, 2.1 billion mobile phones and other handheld devices, 3.5 billion smart cards and a range of other devices.

"We selected ChosenSecurity's vetting and mobile code signing services for Java Verified because of its 10+ years of experience in the security market, proven vetting program and technical expertise," said Martin Wrigley, chair of UTI. "We consider ChosenSecurity's TC TrustCenter an important partner in making our Java Verified program successful."

"We are honored to be offering our services to the world's 6.5 million Java ME developers through UTI's Java Verified program," said Bob Steinkrauss, president and CEO, ChosenSecurity, Inc.

About TC TrustCenter As the first to provide on-demand managed PKI services over the Web, TC TrustCenter provides trust globally to digital communications between employees, clients, partners and suppliers. For more than 10 years, TC TrustCenter has been providing a broad range of cost effective project and industry PKI solutions, with considerable references of international customers. Its portfolio ranges from solutions for phishing protection, security of online transactions, and electronic invoicing to broad PKI solutions and managed security services. Its on-demand digital identity solutions are cost-efficient, highly secure and fast to implement. TC TrustCenter is accredited according to the German Signature Act, European Signature Act, Identrust, SAFE, T"VIT and SISAC. For more information, see www.trustcenter.de/en About ChosenSecurity, Inc. (www.chosensecurity.com) ChosenSecurity provides digital trust between employees, clients and suppliers doing business electronically through on-demand certificate management services. The company's solutions enable a wide range of digital trust applications to provide strong authentication, secure e-mail, digital signatures, data encryption and support compliance with privacy and other regulations. ChosenSecurity was the first to provide digital certificate management through a Software as a Service model and remains the leader through its breakthrough economics, versatility and implementation speed for enterprises. Unlike traditional PKI and private certificate authority options, ChosenSecurity solutions can be implemented in 70% less time and 70% less cost.

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