Launched To Offer Disposable Email Aliases And Antispam Whitelist

Free webmail service uses whitelist-based filtering

November 22, 2010

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LONDON, November 19, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Launch has been announced for, a free webmail service designed to provide a smoother experience along with convenience of use. The new webmail allows creating email aliases under a single account with just one mouse click, and offers exceptionally strong antispam protection based on an e-mail address whitelist. is specifically geared to those who need a dozen of email addresses without remembering a dozen of passwords. The service allows its users to create additional email addresses (aliases) that will forward messages to the main account. While email aliases are also available at some other webmail services, developers took care to make this feature particularly convenient by adding a special Aliases menu. From this menu a user can create new aliases ([email protected], where "alias" is any prefix) and delete them as they become redundant or compromised - all with one click of a mouse.

Being especially handy for registering with various websites, this one-click-alias feature can also be used to separate business contacts, friends and relatives. The smart service can automatically tag emails from different addresses and move them to specified folders to avoid mixing up business correspondence, personal life, and various notifications and newsletters. What's more, filtering rules can be customized independently for each alias.

For the main address Umail uses whitelist-based filtering, which means that only messages from those in the contact list will make it to the Inbox. All the other emails are stored in a separate Spam folder. If a contact is added to the whitelist the message is moved to Inbox, otherwise it is deleted after a certain deadline (3 days by default, but can be changed as required). However, a message from someone who is not on the whitelist has a chance of getting to the Inbox. The sender can pass an antispam check to be added to the address book without waiting for confirmation from the account owner. This system renders antispam protection impenetrable for junk mail, yet ensures that messages from friends, colleagues and business partners easily get to the mailbox.


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