TrustedID Launches New Threat Score Identity Theft Risk Rating Service

Score helps consumers prevent identity theft by calculating their risk and suggesting steps to reduce it

October 30, 2009

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SAN FRANCISCO, Oct. 27 /PRNewswire/ --TrustedID, the nation's leading provider of identity theft prevention solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its new Identity Threat Score. This risk rating service helps consumers reduce their chances of falling victim to identity thieves by calculating their risk level as a numerical score. The service also suggests steps that customers can use to improve their score and lower their risk of theft.

The Identity Threat Score serves as an early warning system to help prevent identity theft before it happens. This score employs TrustedID's exclusive IdentityScan(TM) scoring model to analyze data from hundreds of sources, including public records, credit reports, the Internet and other proprietary databases. Using this data, consumers are assigned an Identity Threat Score, on a scale of 0-500 that indicates their risk of ID theft as being high (over 400), low (0-300), or somewhere in between. Based on this score, the system suggests immediate preventative steps that consumers can take to reduce their risk and improve their score.

"Understanding your risk is the first step to preventing identity theft," said Scott Mitic, CEO and founder of TrustedID. "It's easy to keep track of things you can control - like safeguarding your wallet and not giving out your personal information over the phone. But there are literally billions of bits of data floating around about each and every one of us that we can't easily control - online browsing and shopping habits, magazine subscriptions, catalog mailing lists, and many others. The Identity Threat Score helps you discover how this relatively unknown data can affect your risk of becoming a victim and how you can reduce that risk."

Identity Threat Score with IdentityScan empowers consumers with access to the type of sophisticated technology that is currently used by major credit card providers around the globe to analyze risk. The system works by identifying specific patterns and combinations of information proven to increase a consumer's risk of identity theft. By analyzing this data, IdentityScan is able to accurately predict the likelihood of identity theft, while limiting the number of false positive alerts that lead to unnecessary concern for consumers.

With its direct, real-time communication with consumers, Identity Threat Score provides up-to-the-minute risk analysis to further enhance the accuracy of IdentityScan's scoring models, identify real cases of fraud or theft and the patterns of data that lead up to them.

"It's one thing for us to show you that you are at risk, but the Identity Threat Score goes one step further to help you reduce that risk," Mitic said. "Based on your individual risk profile and score, Threat Score provides information that you may implement immediately to help reduce your risk, giving you a more proactive solution that doesn't just warn you about the problem."

Identity Threat Score is the newest addition to TrustedID's comprehensive suite of identity theft protection and prevention that recently received a Five-Star rating from Javelin Strategy & Research comparing the identity theft and fraud prevention services of 20 vendors. TrustedID was the only vendor in the report to address medical identity theft, and also earned high marks for its lost wallet assistance and CreditLock(TM), which allows customers to block credit bureaus from releasing their credit reports to third-party vendors.

About TrustedID

TrustedID delivers proactive identity theft protection solutions to help safeguard individuals, families, and businesses. With the industry's most comprehensive platform of identity theft prevention solutions, TrustedID provides over a dozen forms of protection. TrustedID's IDFreeze service includes access to our 24/7 On-Call Protection team and is backed by a $1,000,000 warranty. The company's latest innovation, Identity Threat Score, calculates an individual's immediate risk of falling prey to identity theft and recommends immediate steps that can be taken to prevent it. These and other aspects of TrustedID's protection are based on proprietary technology that dramatically reduces the likelihood of identity theft. TrustedID's Data Breach Solutions group serves businesses of all sizes with protection for data breaches, immediately safeguarding the identities of those directly affected.

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