TrustDefender Launches New Security And Fraud Risk Management Solutions

New products enable organizations to reduce the risk of dealing with online fraud

April 14, 2011

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April 7, 2011 – TrustDefender, a leading security and fraud risk management company, today is introducing several new products designed to help organizations significantly increase their preparedness for online fraudulent activity. With the recent Epsilon data breach as the latest example of how widespread, damaging and costly security vulnerabilities can be, enterprises need to take all possible precautions to ensure protection for themselves and their customers before the next crisis hits. TrustDefender’s new product offerings – TrustDefender Zero, TrustDefender Central Intelligence Server and an enhanced version of its TrustDefender Pro – enable organizations to reduce the risk of dealing with online fraud by identifying fraudulent activity before it happens.

The TrustDefender Zero (TDz) fraud risk management solution is the world’s first combination of tagless device and page fingerprinting techniques that don’t require users to download software on the end-user device. TDz will instantly detect if a customer’s personal details have been stolen and are being used. TDz will also instantly detect if an organization’s customers are being targeted by threats on their device. TrustDefender is the first organization globally to provide businesses with this complete offering. TDz is ideal for the growing number of organizations looking to secure computers connecting remotely to their website via home PCs, notebooks, tablets, smartphones, game consoles, set-top boxes or via public and private cloud environments.

TrustDefender Central Intelligence Server (TCIS) will provide the next logical generation in the fraud risk space – namely the convergence of security and fraud risk management. TCIS is enterprise server software that integrates into an organization’s IT infrastructure and enables “instant decisioning” for all online-related security events that are invisible to most traditional end-user and enterprise security products. Available immediately, TCIS is suited for any organization or online business that requires instant global visibility into all computers and potential threats before those devices connect internally or remotely to a website or network.

These new products, combined with enhancements to the company’s highly successful TrustDefender Pro (TDpro), will deliver the proactive detection technology needed to reduce the cost of online fraud for banks, governments, cloud application providers, e-commerce providers and any merchant operating online.

“With the changing dynamic and sophistication of criminal activity in recent years, all online channels and online transactions are increasingly at risk from fraudulent activity,” said Ted Egan, CEO and co-founder of TrustDefender. “This coupled with recent Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) involving clandestine breaches of major organizations, highlights the need to harden the defenses of all organizations transacting online with customers. We believe the combination of TDpro, TDz and TCIS will enable our customers to continue to operate more efficiently in a safer environment. Without it they’re opening themselves up to an increased threat.”

Previously the domain of the financial services sector, cybercrime is now a major threat to all enterprises and everyone who transacts online. According to statistics from the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), in 2009, online banking fraud and unauthorized automated clearing house (ACH) transfers led to $100 million in attempted losses from small and medium size businesses.

Cybercrime impacts businesses and individuals in every region around the world. In Australia, for example, more than 5.8 million citizens were exposed to a range of identity theft and Internet scams resulting in a combined loss of almost $1 billion (according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2009-10 year book). In addition, a report from Cybersource in the UK found that online fraud is rated as the biggest business threat amongst merchants.

Andreas Baumhof, CTO and co-founder of TrustDefender, comments: “The fight against cybercrime hasn’t really seen a lot of innovation over the last 10 years. Online transactions are booming, ushering in a new era of cybercrime we simply cannot fight with ‘old’ tools. Innovation is what drives us further and we’ve developed this combined device and page fingerprinting technology to complement our existing solutions and provide a multi-layered assault to detect the source of fraudulent activity before it even happens. The page fingerprinting protects against any ‘Man-In-The-Browser’ Trojan without the need for blacklists or signature updates and without the need for a download. The combined fraud risk management part integrates this into a holistic picture. Today’s malware is smart and just detecting a malware without the fraud risk component worked yesterday, but won’t tomorrow.”

About TrustDefender Zero and TrustDefender Central Intelligence Server

TrustDefender Zero (TDz) is a fraud risk management solution and the world’s first combination of tagless device and page fingerprinting techniques. This technology combines malware detection (compromised device) with fraud risk management techniques such as compromised account detection, money mule, account mule detection, suspicious applications detection capabilities – all this without any software needing to be downloaded or present on an end-user device. TDz operates across all computers ranging from PCs, Macs, tablets and smartphones, including Android, iPhone and even devices connecting to the web such as Wii, Xbox and the set-top box at home.

Information from TDz and TDpro, TrustDefender’s existing Internet security transaction solution, is fed into the new TrustDefender Central Intelligence Server to enable customers to stop online attacks and fraudulent activity passively as well as actively before they occur. TDpro is a one-off download by end users and activates before any log-in occurs. It checks to ensure any site the user is accessing is legitimate and verifies the security health status of the end-user device in real time.

About TrustDefender

TrustDefender delivers security and fraud detection technology to protect enterprises and their customers at the device and transaction level from online fraud. This enables TrustDefender’s customers in banking, Government, cloud application providers and online merchants to reduce the cost of online fraud. The company’s combination of device and page fingerprinting technologies is a world first and instantly detects the source of any attempts to compromise an organization’s online defenses. TrustDefender, founded in 2006, is headquartered in Sydney, Australia with offices in the UK, USA and Asia Pacific and can be found online at

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