Titus Labs Unveils Email Classification Tool For Increased Data

Titus Message Classification (TMC) version 3.0 email labeling solution that ensures Outlook email is classified before it is sent

November 18, 2008

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Ottawa, ON "November 18, 2008 " Titus Labs, a leading provider of email and document classification software, today announced the release of Titus Labs Message Classification (TMC) 3.0. TMC 3.0 is an easy-to-use email labeling solution that ensures Microsoft Outlook email is classified before it is sent. Large enterprise customers, government, and military agencies can easily classify, protect, search and retrieve emails with data classification labels and metadata.

With numerous high profile incidents of emails accidentally being sent to the wrong recipient or sensitive email being leaked inadvertently, organizations require practical solutions that educate end users while enforcing security policy. A recent survey conducted by Storage Expo indicates that managing and discovery data could be costing organizations up to $2,000,000 per terabyte. The survey also concluded that of those companies classifying information, 67 percent were classifying in order to better control access to sensitive information.

The Titus Labs Message Classification solution classifies and labels email at the desktop based on the organization's policies. Labels help raise awareness to the sensitivity of the information and metadata can be used to check recipient clearance and ensure emails and documents are sent to the right individuals both inside and outside the enterprise.

Carefully designed and tested for deployment across large enterprise, government and military agencies, TMC is utilized by nearly one million users worldwide to help prevent inadvertent data loss.

"The pervasive nature of email makes inadvertent information leakage a reality for most organizations, said Tim Bloechl, Managing Director, Worldwide Public Safety and National Security at Microsoft. "TMC offers seamless integration with Outlook so all email communications can be quickly and easily labeled, and if required, another level of security can be added using Microsoft Rights Management Services. The end result is a complete solution to address the security and information protection needs of organizations handling sensitive information."

Classification is vital to ensure that data does not fall into the wrong hands, security protocols are met and to facilitate enterprise-wide search, retrieval and discovery. By using TMC 3.0, organizations have the power to: Raise user awareness and accountability Reduce inadvertent disclosure of sensitive information Comply with internal and regulatory classification policies Ensure adoption of security technologies Improve eDiscovery and archiving

"TMC is a great way to force people into thinking about classification and message security," said Peter Giuliano, Systems Administrator of the UK based regulated insurance provider Paternoster. "Our organization has used the safe-recipient domain feature to ensure internal email is not mistakenly sent outside our company. Furthermore, Paternoster has implemented TMC as a classification tool which has helped us to be recommended for ISO 27001 certification."

TMC 3.0 New Product Features and Benefits

The latest version of TMC is designed to reduce the complexity of labeling and classifying emails. It helps add structure to data and helps meet the stringent security policies for information lifecycle management. Features in TMC 3.0 include: Classification Selector: Prompts users to classify all emails, meeting requests, and tasks, enabling organizations to enforce their classification policies in a simple, non-intrusive way. Label Marker: Applies visual markings in the email subject line and message body to clearly identify and raise awareness to the sensitivity of the information. Metadata Generator: Creates metadata that can be used to enhance archiving, data loss prevention (DLP), and perimeter security solutions. Policy Verifier: Inspects the email for policy violations before the message leaves the desktop, and provides instant feedback so that the sender can correct any problems. Security Enabler: Adds an extra layer of security by automatically encrypting, signing, or RMS-protecting sensitive emails. (This optional feature requires S/MIME certificates or Microsoft Rights Management Services.) Administration Tool: Enables organizations to centrally configure and deploy their classification labels and policies, including support for government classification guidelines such as CAPCO, CUI, ITAR, UK GPMS and the Australian E-Protective Marking Standard.

"Several high profile cases of email breaches have been in the news lately," said Charlie Pulfer, Vice President, Marketing and Product Management, Titus Labs. "The current regulatory and security climate holds organizations of all sizes to a higher standard than ever before. Titus Labs Message Classification

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