Terbium Labs Launches the First Data Intelligence System that Instantly Locates Stolen Data on the Dark Web

Matchlight Automatically Identifies Business-Critical Data on the Dark Web – Closes the Breach Detection Gap and Minimizes the Damage, Loss and Risk Caused by a Data Breach

June 6, 2015

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BALTIMORE – June 3, 2015 – Terbium Labs, the ultimate protector of business-critical data, today announced the availability of Matchlight, a first-of-its-kind data intelligence system used to find compromised or stolen data on the Dark Web as soon as it appears.  No longer do organizations need to suffer from the long dwell times and analysis paralysis that lead to incident response delays and cost the global economy $445 billion annually.[1]  If even a trace of an organization’s data appears somewhere it shouldn’t on the Internet, Matchlight notifies the IT security team immediately so that they can identify the breach and quickly set a response and recovery plan in motion.

With the launch of Matchlight, Terbium Labs has set a new standard for information security and risk management, providing commercial organizations with a much needed proactive and automatic approach to breach detection and response.  Using a patent-pending, privacy-protected method, Matchlight creates digital fingerprints of a company’s most valuable files and data.  Even partial copies of data, as small as a single account number or line of code, can be detected and matched against Terbium Labs’ expansive and ever-growing database of digital fingerprints.  Terbium Labs also offers the only fully automated, privacy-protected search capability in existence.  With one-way fingerprinting, clients don’t have to reveal their information in order for Terbium Labs to search on their behalf.  When a fingerprint match occurs, indicating a data breach, the organization receives an immediate notification and a forensics report to aid remediation. 

In a single day, Matchlight’s patent-pending digital fingerprint techniques and custom asset collection capabilities identified in seconds 30,000 new stolen credit cards and 6,000 newly compromised email addresses for sale on the Dark Web. Fortune 1,000 organizations have been quick to recognize the immediate value Terbium Labs brings to security and forensics teams frustrated by the frequency and sophistication of today’s targeted attacks and overwhelmed by the lack of prioritization and limited resources available to properly chase and investigate alerts.

“Terbium Labs is approaching data loss, security and risk management in a totally new and innovative way,” shares Wayne Jackson, CEO of Sonatype, an IT security veteran and Matchlight user. “The past year has shown the far-reaching effects a data breach can have on an organization, negatively impacting brand image, customer trust and the bottom line.  With more than 700 million compromised records in 2014[2], managing data breach risk has become a business necessity.”

Matchlight works regardless of the type of breach – zero-day exploits, APTs, socially engineered attacks or insider threats – and is complementary to all enterprise security products. Critical assets are continuously monitored and instant alerts are sent via email or through Security Information and Event Management (SIEM) integration.  Because Matchlight’s fully automated and privacy-protected fingerprinting method is one-way, it requires no modifications to the existing records and ensures that no one, not even Terbium Labs, can recreate the originating data.  When a match occurs, organizations can use Matchlight’s unique and totally private, real-time search feature for further investigation without putting data at risk.  Matchlight digital fingerprinting can be integrated into existing SharePoint deployments or other document management systems.  For enterprise development teams, Terbium Labs can easily integrate fingerprinting into existing build processes using post-update hooks.  

“Matchlight illuminates the Dark Web and gives organizations the power to immediately counter data theft quickly and affordably,” said Danny Rogers, Co-Founder and CEO of Terbium Labs.  “Protecting the enterprise perimeter from outside threats is no longer a viable security defense.  We believe automating intelligence gathering is the answer to fast breach detection and recovery.  Matchlight gives organizations improved situational awareness and the peace-of-mind that comes from knowing that they will be alerted when critical data appears on the black market – a sure indication of a breach.”

Matchlight is available as an enterprise SaaS licensing model based on size and volume of digital assets to be fingerprinted.  To learn more, visit terbiumlabs.com.


About Terbium Labs

Terbium Labs protects organizations from relentless attempts to steal data for personal, monetary or political gain.  Offering continuous, proactive monitoring of critical data and rapid theft detection, Terbium Labs enables companies to better manage risk in a dynamic business environment and keep high-value data safe. Matchlight, Terbium Labs’ data intelligence system, automatically alerts companies when elements of its data appear in unexpected places on the Internet, the Dark Web or in competing products.  With Matchlight, companies avoid the uncertainty and incident response delays common to targeted attacks and industrial espionage campaigns, helping to dramatically reduce the cost of a data breach while keeping customer trust and loyalty intact.  Learn more about Terbium Labs and Matchlight by visiting terbiumlabs.com or follow us on Twitter @TerbiumLabs.

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