TeleCommunication Systems Opens Art of Exploitation University

University will work with government attendees in the fields of cybersecurity and analysis, computer penetration testing, red teaming, vulnerability analysis, and exploitation

May 18, 2010

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ANNAPOLIS, MD – May 17, 2010 – TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) (NASDAQ: TSYS), a world leader in highly reliable and secure mobile communication technology, today announced it is opening the first ever Art of Exploitation (AoE) University – “the Cyber Center of Excellence.” Based in Hanover, MD, this 36,000 sq. ft facility will open in the third quarter of 2010 to provide government attendees with an enhanced blended learning approach (hands-on and instructor led) to computer network operations (CNO) training in the fields of cyber security and analysis, computer penetration testing, red teaming, vulnerability analysis and exploitation. Classes are taught by individuals with specific mission experience enabling them to relate directly to the challenges faced by attendees.

Going beyond simply providing courses, the University will also serve as a “think tank” and research & development facility in support of some of the industry’s most distinguished cyber security professionals. These professionals will offer analysis of current and future cyber security challenges and opportunities and develop technologies through aggressive R&D efforts to ensure that mission-critical networks are protected.

The AoE curriculum has been in existence via its training center located in Baltimore, MD and its mobile lab for the past four years and has a proven performance record of delivering some of the most sought after government-specific cyber security training programs. Approximately 1,200 individuals involved in computer network security, information assurance, network defense, penetration testing, forensics analysis, and red teaming have attended AoE courses. The AoE mobile lab will remain an option to government organizations that require training onsite or remote access to training for smaller groups of fewer than twelve students. The University will not only provide for expanded government enrollment but will offer commercial organizations the opportunity to attend the University and participate in courses and associated programs.

“The Art of Exploitation University offers the most comprehensive hands-on security training curriculum available to individuals from both government and the defense industry who are seeking to better understand the threats facing their networks,” said Andre Gudger, senior vice president of TCS. “The AoE University is focused on training students with real-life situations in a controlled environment by instructors who have held similar government positions. We will also use this facility to bring together many of the brightest minds in security to provide a forum for them to research, collaborate and build next-generation technologies to protect this Nation’s networks.”

The AoE University currently offers the government a suite of options for courses in the latest in Instructional Systems Design, Research and Development, Digital Network Intelligence, as well as courses through its core curriculum. The AoE courses are modular, allowing portions to be moved, subtracted, added or even combined with other AoE courses to create a custom offering specific to the needs of the student. A representative list of AoE’s foundation courses includes:

* Bootcamp Edition Training – a 10-day intense introductory exploitation course. This intense course of study includes more than 40 labs that provide an introduction to the basic tactics, techniques and methodologies required for a network exploitation analyst or operator. * Wiretap Edition Training – network analysis by sensor deployment. TCS follows a methodology for performing network analysis that begins with deploying a sensor and progresses to generating reports. * Wireless Edition Training – wireless network penetration and data extraction. This class is designed to provide the computer security practitioner with the skills and knowledge required to perform wireless security assessments and wireless exploitation. * Cyber Attack/Defend Edition – offensive/defensive scenario-based training. This is a four-day practical application exercise that employs techniques learned in previous editions of AoE training. Students are placed onto either a red “offensive” team or a blue “defensive” team and given objectives to fulfill based on their mission. * Developer’s Edition – cyber security software development. This course focuses on software development for cyber operations. Topics include reverse engineering of software applications and development of utilities used in various cyber activities. * Advanced Edition – a complex study focusing on creative thinking in exploitation. This class builds on the topics and techniques learned in the AoE bootcamp to cover more complex scenarios such as cross-site scripting, protocol tunneling and on-the-fly exploit creation and adjustment. * Manager’s Edition – a non-technical course designed for the manager. This is a two-day class designed to teach managers of information operations how to better understand their mission area and the technical people assigned operational tasks.

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TeleCommunication Systems, Inc. (TCS) (NASDAQ: TSYS) is a world leader in highly reliable and secure mobile communication technology. TCS infrastructure forms the foundation for market leading solutions in E9-1-1, text messaging, commercial location and deployable wireless communications. TCS is at the forefront of new mobile cloud computing services providing wireless applications for navigation, hyper-local search, asset tracking, social applications and telematics. Millions of consumers around the world use TCS wireless apps as a fundamental part of their daily lives. Government agencies utilize TCS' cyber security expertise, professional services, and highly secure deployable satellite solutions for mission-critical communications. Headquartered in Annapolis, MD, TCS maintains technical, service and sales offices around the world. To learn more about emerging and innovative wireless technologies, visit

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