Sweeping Campaign To Replace ReCaptcha

NuCaptcha requires users to type in as few as three legible letters

August 11, 2011

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Vancouver, Canada (August 11, 2011)—Today, NuCaptcha Inc., the “Human-Friendly” Captcha, announced its “Make the Switch” campaign to urge website owners to end user frustration. NuCaptcha’s platform delivers a fast and easy to complete Captcha along with high website security. The simpler interface Captcha is designed to retain users on a site and help them pass through security as fast and painlessly as possible. Aimed at site owners looking for a user-friendly alternative, the product requires users to type in as few as three legible letters, typically done in under three seconds; while providing higher security against spam bots and other threats, by offering the only Behavior Analysis System for video-based Captcha (BAS)*. NuCaptcha’s dynamic security can change the security level on a per-user basis in real-time.

“What’s been missing on the Internet is a customizable Captcha that’s freely available for everyone. We’re giving site owners the freedom to do what they like with Captchas – whether it’s simply offering a better, more readable user experience, or the ability to add their own look-and-feel, messages and other customization, depending on their audience,” stated Michel Giasson, CEO and Co-Founder of NuCaptcha Inc.

NuCaptcha enables sites of all sizes to choose their Captcha security and user-experience - something that was previously only feasible for the highest-volume Captcha sites. A variety of video-based templates are available for site owners, based on their required site look-and-feel, and can be deployed twice as quickly as previously offered solutions.

Currently serving millions of Captchas per month, NuCaptcha offers a breadth of products including Free, Pro and Enterprise, with the same usability and security throughout. Sites can control as much, or as little of the details as they like, including: size, choice of videos, security level, and even optional branding, advertising and revenue generation through NuCaptcha’s Advertising Partners. The new custom skinning technology included in the Platform allows customers to modify the look and feel of NuCaptcha to fit perfectly into their website.

“NuCaptcha is brilliant in that it looks and feels like a lighter product – legitimate users can just breeze through, yet it actually provides significantly more heavy lifting on the security side than your average hard-to-read text-based Captcha, making it much harder to crack for attackers,” stated Dr. Mori, Assistant Professor, School of Computer Science, Simon Fraser University, BC Canada.

NuCaptcha’s new Captcha product, site and “Make the Switch” campaign will go live today, at www.nucaptcha.com, offering a variety of support materials for site owners, including a whitepaper comparison between NuCaptcha and traditional distorted text-based Captchas.

*The NuCaptcha Behavioral Analysis System for video-based Captcha detects unusual behavior and can increase the complexity of the Captcha and slow down the video, making it difficult for both bots and human-farms to solve Captcha in high volumes.

About NuCaptcha

NuCaptcha’s mission is to make Captcha a better experience for everyone on the Internet, by replacing highly distorted text “puzzles”. Offering a freemium Captcha that is fully customizable, NuCaptcha enables companies to choose how users experience Web security on their sites. The NuCaptcha interface is easier to read and complete as it uses video technology instead of static text. Video technology enables NuCaptcha to provide a far more engaging and readable experience for people, yet is exponentially harder for computers to solve.

Built on The NuCaptcha Security Platform™, the service provides a unique combination of video and intelligent security technology that safeguards websites for humans while keeping machines away. NuCaptcha Inc. was founded in 2008 and is based in Vancouver, BC; one of North America’s top technology centers. Visit us at www.nucaptcha.com.

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