StrongAuth Releases StrongKey Lite

StrongKey Lite Encryption System integrated appliances able to encrypt and store billions of sensitive data records

January 8, 2010

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CUPERTINO, CA January 5, 2010 -- StrongAuth, Inc. today announced the general availability of the StrongKey Lite Encryption SystemTM providing unprecedented capability in encryption and key-management at an unprecedented value.

StrongAuth, Inc., announced the availability of the StrongKey Lite Encryption SystemTM (SKLES), an integrated appliance providing a comprehensive solution to companies complying with PCI-DSS, 201 CMR 17.00, HIPAA, FISMA, the EU Directive, California's SB-1386 and similar data-security regulations for the protection of sensitive data. The StrongKey Lite

Encryption SystemTM includes:

  • The ability to encrypt and store billions of sensitive data records on the appliance using strong NIST-approved algorithms, such as the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES);

    • The ability to tokenize the sensitive data on the appliance to minimize the impact on applications; (tokenization is the ability to replace sensitive data with equivalent non-sensitive data whose appearance and characteristics resemble that of sensitive data, but are meaningless if exposed);

    • Key-management " consisting of automatic key-generation, escrow, recovery and access-control - of millions of symmetric encryption keys on the appliance;

    • A cryptographic hardware module with a true random number generator, for protection of cryptographic keys;

    • A hardened, high-performance, quad-core, 64-bit processor based computer with 4GB of DRAM, 0.5TB of hard disk storage and necessary software to operate the appliance;

    • Secure, automatic replication to other SKLES appliances for high-availability of cryptographic services;

    • The ability to host multiple encryption domains within a single appliance, allowing for servicing different security needs of applications from a single SKLES appliance;

    • Color-coded USB-tokens to store the strong cryptographic credentials of Key Custodians for securely and easily managing the cryptographic hardware module from remote locations;

    • The ability to integrate the appliance to existing identity management systems, such as Active Directory or other LDAP-based identity management systems; and

      A GUI-based administration console for the easy and secure management of the SKLES.

      StrongAuth announced the StrongKey Lite Encryption SystemTM Model-T, with its unprecedented blend of cryptographic features, is available immediately at a price of $4,995 per appliance.

      "While encryption has been around for more than two decades, companies have been struggling to make sense of their encryption and key-management problems in the wake of more than 1,300 disclosed breaches to sensitive data in the last 4 years" said Arshad Noor, the CTO of StrongAuth. "We created the world's first open-source Symmetric Key Management System (StrongKey) four years ago in response to the needs of our customers. However a segment of the market wanted StrongKey simplified to address issues such as reducing the scope of security audits, tokenization, integrated cryptographic hardware protection of keys and reduced implementation costs. StrongKey Lite is our response to those demands".

      Since the state of California first passed a Breach Disclosure law " also known as Senate Bill 1386 " in 2003, more than 1300 breaches to sensitive data have been disclosed that have affected the personal data of more than 300 Million US residents according to Retail merchants such as TJX have paid out more than $115M in fines and settlements for a single data-breach that exposed 45M consumers' credit card numbers. Fines and settlements related to Heartland Payment Systems' breach of 130M records " the largest known breach - are not available.

      Security regulations have consequently focused on data-protection through the use of encryption. When implemented properly, encryption has the ability to secure data; however, the challenge has always been with the protection and management of the cryptographic keys responsible for decrypting sensitive data. While the industry has come up with many schemes and technologies " sometimes expensive - to address those needs, the SKLES is the first appliance to include all major desired cryptographic features at this price.

      "In light of the worst recession since the great depression, we believe that companies " much like consumers " will focus on value" said Noor. "As StrongKey did four years ago, StrongKey Lite raises the bar for value in encryption and key management solutions".

      About StrongAuth, Inc.

      StrongAuth develops advanced solutions related to the use of symmetric and asymmetric-key cryptography. It has been building some of the largest key-management infrastructures since 2001 for companies in the pharmaceutical, financial, DRM, bio-technology, retail and service industries. More information on StrongAuth and its products " StrongKey and StrongKey Lite " can be found at

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