Stratfor Taps CSID To Protect Identities Breached In Cyberattack

Attacks resulted in the unauthorized disclosure of personal information

December 30, 2011

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Austin, TX – December 29, 2011 – Stratfor, the leading publisher of global intelligence and analysis, today announced that CSID™, the leading provider of global, enterprise-level identity protection and fraud detection technologies and solutions, has been retained to assist Stratfor customers whose financial information may have been compromised by recent cyber attacks.

The attacks resulted in the unauthorized disclosure of personal information, including credit card data, of some Stratfor customers. In response, Stratfor is offering 12 months of free global identity protection coverage through, CSID’s Global ID Protector.

“We deeply regret that this event has occurred, and we are working to prevent it from happening again,” Stratfor CEO George Friedman said in a letter to subscribers. “Our highest concern is the impact that this has had on you, our loyal members and friends…Please take advantage of this service.”

Customers eligible for CSID services have been sent an email from Stratfor with instructions on securing a personal identification number and how to enroll for 12 months of free identity protection with CSID. Following the 12-month period, users can renew their subscription to continue their identity protection at a discounted rate.

Utilizing CSID’s award-winning and proprietary CyberAgent' technology, Global ID Protector monitors criminal web pages, chat rooms, bulletin boards and other online forums for compromised personal information. When illegal activity is detected, such as the trading or selling of personal information online, Global ID Protector will notify the subscriber and provide instructions on how to prevent further exposure, fraud and take action to restore their identity.

CSID’s Global ID Protector offers a comprehensive international data breach solution that allows businesses to rapidly deploy an identity protection product to a worldwide customer base. Offeringan online portal for customers to access identity alerts that can be localized by country and language, Global ID Protector is the market’s leading international data breach solution.

“Data breaches are becoming more prevalent and more costly to companies and affected customers, on a global level,” said Joe Ross, president of CSID. “Global ID Protector allows companies to take a proactive step in safeguarding against further exposure of their worldwide customers’ personal information and thus enables the breached company to maintain customer loyalty and brand integrity.”

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