StopTheHacker Launches New Suite Of SaaS Website Security Protection Products

Upgraded suite includes health monitoring, reputation and blacklist monitoring, and vulnerability assessment

March 14, 2012

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San Francisco, CA – March 12, 2012 – Today, website security provider StopTheHacker launched an extensively upgraded version of its award-winning suite of SaaS website protection products. StopTheHacker’s new product packages include advanced security features specifically designed for corporations seeking a comprehensive solution to safeguard their websites from online threats and hackers.

Available through web hosting providers and VARs, StopTheHacker’s upgraded website security suite gives organizations of all sizes the tools to automatically prevent, detect and recover from malware and hacker attacks. Highlighted features of the new suite include automatic malware removal and scanning of corporate Facebook walls for malicious content, language translation infrastructure enabling websites to easily roll out different languages (German support available now), administrative updates, and infrastructure and scalability improvements allowing more frequent website scans. The suite upgrade will feature additional languages within two weeks.

“Traditional signature-based antivirus protection is not enough to protect against hackers and unwanted Internet security threats in today’s ever-changing security landscape,” said Ryan Hoskin, Vice President of Operations of Acorn Technologies, Inc. “We’ve rolled out StopTheHacker’s reputation monitoring services to more than 100 customers because it is a service that they all need. StopTheHacker represents the next generation of security. It detects and protect against an array of online threats that can do severe harm to corporations, web hosting providers and their customers.”

“We designed this new version of our website security suite focused on corporations’ need for robust website and Facebook protection, and web hosting providers’ desire to add another layer of security defense for their customers,” said Peter Jensen, CEO of StopTheHacker. “By offering four editions of our patent-pending technology and our unique Facebook protection, we aim to make it even easier for a broad range of organizations to solve web-scale security problems involving malware, SQL attacks and other online threats.”

Website security is a serious and growing problem. Six thousand websites per day are blacklisted by Google due to inadvertent malware infestation, and between 2.5 percent and 5 percent of all hosted websites are infected. Current antivirus software catches only 40 percent of harmful web malware. Because much of the harmful code is dynamic and new, traditional signature-based security solutions are not able to identify it. Moreover, these solutions are designed for PCs rather than websites.

Using machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) techniques, StopTheHacker’s website security services are specifically designed for websites, offering more protection than other solutions on the market. The upgraded suite includes health monitoring, reputation and blacklist monitoring, and vulnerability assessment for more thorough website protection. Self-adapting capabilities constantly monitor new strains of malware and build profiles of existing and emerging strains of malicious software, allowing StopTheHacker to identify and prevent zero-day attacks originating from never-before-identified malware.

Key features of Version 3.1 incorporate extensive improvements designed to make it even easier for websites to stay protected, include:

- Automatic malware removal to instantly detect and remove threats –reducing the risk of infecting visitors and eliminating malware removal by inexperienced users. The upgrade simplifies malware cleanup through automated removal and a system restore feature that starts as soon as an infection is detected.

- Scanning of corporate Facebook walls, where distribution of malware is an increasing problem and a direct threat to customers.

- Foreign language translation infrastructure which allows hosting providers worldwide to offer StopTheHacker security services to customers in their native language, allowing website hosters to target a broader customer group. The first language available is German.

- Continuous threat scans providing constant website security protection. Frequent scanning increases website protection levels and significantly limits opportunities for infections to spread.

Pricing and Availability

StopTheHacker Version 3.1 is immediately available at Four commercial versions of its web malware protection software are offered for businesses of all sizes:

- The Standard Edition is available at $10 per website per month. This scans all the pages on your website weekly, checking if your site is blacklisted by Google and infected by known web malware. The Standard Edition also includes the StopTheHacker Trust Seal for protected websites, reassuring visitors that website security is a priority.

- The Professional Edition is available at $20 per website per month. In addition to the features of the Standard Edition, the Premium Edition scans daily, checks websites for infection by unknown malware using StopTheHacker’s AI engine and protects corporate Facebook pages.

- The Business Edition is available at $50 per website per month. In addition to the features of the Premium Edition, the Professional Edition scans hourly and also scans for vulnerabilities in websites.

- The Enterprise Edition is available at $100 per website per month. In addition to the features of the Professional Edition, the Enterprise Edition also scans websites continuously, provides an annual security audit and offers phone support.

To learn more about StopTheHacker Version 3.1, visit For more news on malware threats, SQL attacks or informative articles on website protection, read the StopTheHacker blog and follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

About StopTheHacker: Based in San Francisco, Calif., StopTheHacker is a highly focused website security service company that provides SaaS services to web hosters, website owners, and web designers to help them protect, detect and recover from malware attacks. StopTheHacker’s proprietary, patent-pending technology helps solve web-scale security problems involving malware and other emerging threats on websites and other types of online abuse. StopTheHacker’s artificial intelligence-based engine is based on four years of research at the University of California, Riverside. Its technology has been supported by the National Science Foundation and has won multiple awards since 2009. More information is available at, and

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