Authentify delivers its phone-based authentication work flows as a Web service

October 7, 2013

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CHICAGO, October 7, 2013 – Authentify, the pioneer in employing telephony and telephones in authentication work flows, today announced that its services have been selected by HydrantID to strengthen the provisioning process for purchasing Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) Certificates via HydrantID's customer portal. HydrantID joins a cadre of security conscious organizations who use Authentify.

"Authentify began in the high security space," said Peter Tapling, president and CEO of Authentify. "Some of the customers who have been with us the longest engage us to provide secure out-of-band delivery mechanisms for digital certificate activation codes. We're pleased to help HydrantID provide a more secure delivery mechanism."

SSL Certificates are a mostly invisible yet critical component of e-commerce. A valid SSL certificate helps prove a website is legitimate and contains authenticated information about the certificate holder, including the domain to which the certificate was issued and the name of the Certificate Authority who issued the certificate.

"Authentify has a great reputation in our market segment," offered Trell Rohovit, CEO of HydrantID. "Our cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) offerings of trusted SSL and managed Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) enable our customers to reduce costs and complexity of acquiring trusted SSL certificates. HydrantID eliminates the need for running their own Certificate Authority. Authentify contributes to that value proposition by helping us deliver these services with security best practices without adding the normal associated complexity. Simply put – with Authentify as a partner, HydrantID's customers can utilize industry-leading authentication services. Authentify helps us deliver the world-class PKI solutions that our customers demand. We designed the HydrantID SSL and managed PKI Web portal services to utilize a specific verified telephone number to deliver activation codes, putting friction in front of fraudsters who attempt to acquire certificates using false access credentials."

There is also downstream anti-fraud value. "The telephone number can provide a valid red flag when multiple certificates under multiple names or locations are being activated via a single telephone number," added Tapling.

Authentify delivers its phone-based authentication work flows as a Web service. HydrantID officially rolled out the service, effective September 2013.

About HydrantID

HydrantID provides trusted SSL and managed PKI services to help companies secure data and systems as well as e-commerce transactions. HydrantID's cloud-based SaaS offering provides organizations the ability to obtain all their digital certificate needs in real time, on-demand, for one fixed subscription fee. HydrantID's cloud-based SaaS service helps companies achieve industry best practices related to encryption and authentication while reducing operating complexity and costs.

HydrantID's root Certificate Authorities are widely interoperable with all leading browsers and operating systems, and HydrantID's Certificate Authority operations have achieved industry best practice accreditations and certifications.

For more information, visit HydrantID at:

About Authentify, Inc.

Authentify, Inc. pioneered the use of telephone-based out-of-band (OOB) authentication services, first introducing the concept to the security space in 2001. Authentify excels at adding strong security with two-factor and multi-factor authentication delivered via easy-to-use, user-centric work flows. Authentify's services are used globally in online banking, e-commerce, healthcare and corporate security and anywhere a wired property owner must be sure who is on the end of an Internet connection.

For more information, visit Authentify at:

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