Hydra PC ViP scans each file for viruses prior to encryption

April 1, 2009

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San Jose, California, March 30, 2009 " SPYRUS, Inc., today announced that its Hydra PC Virus Protected (ViP) USB file encryption drives have been approved by the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) Data at Rest Tiger Team (DARTT) and added to the DoD ESI/GSA SmartBUY Data at Rest (DAR) Program to secure data on mobile computing devices and removable storage media. Hydra PC ViP is the only U.S.A-made USB file encryption device with virus scanning protection approved by DARTT for use across DoD, federal, state and local agencies and for NATO and foreign military sales. SPYRUS will be demonstrating Hydra PC products at the USSTRATCOM Cyberspace Symposium on April 7-8, 2009, in Omaha, Nebraska.

In 2007, the U.S. Government selected and approved the Hydra Privacy Card' (Hydra PC) Series II as the only hardware encryption USB flash drive that both met and exceeded the stringent technical security requirements for the DAR program. Hydra PC ViP adds a virus-scanning application that provides both on-demand and on-access identification and detection of malware and viruses.

Unique among USB encryption drives, Hydra PC ViP scans each file for viruses prior to encryption. Before decrypting the file, Hydra PC checks for updated antivirus libraries to ensure that the file is free of known viruses before it is decrypted. This two-step scanning process dramatically reduces the chances of uploading files infected by malware identified during the delay between encryption and decryption.

For further protection, the encryption process seals each file, enabling detection of any subsequent tampering attempts or file corruption when a file is later decrypted. An intact seal at decryption guarantees data integrity. Hydra PC ViP file-by-file encryption is much more secure than sector-based encryption, used by competing USB encryption drives, which can leave files vulnerable to tampering, interception, or virus infection when the drive is in use.

"Our revolutionary Hydra PC ViP hardware-based file-by-file encryption using military-grade Suite B cryptography is the most secure solution for protecting data available on a commercial data storage device," said Tom Dickens, Chief Operating Officer, SPYRUS. "The virus-scanning application provides assurance that all files encrypted and stored on removable media are fully protected from data corruption, hostile tampering and injected viruses. Hydra PC ViP also inherently prevents autorun files from opening and spreading embedded malware before they are scanned."

The Hydra PC ViP can be purchased through Autonomic Resources (www.autonomicresources.com), a U.S. Small Business Administration Section 8(a) program participant, under DoD ESI/GSA SmartBUY Blanket Purchase Agreement (BPA) FA8771-07-A-0308.

About SPYRUS, Inc. SPYRUS, Inc., a Microsoft Managed ISV Partner, has pioneered portable security products and solutions to meet customer requirements for high-assurance security since 1992. Our mission is to set the standard for the new era of secure information sharing and long-term data protection. SPYRUS, Inc. is headquartered in San Jose, CA. See www.spyrus.com for further information.

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