Spikes Launches Secure Browser

Spikes Browser introduces hardware separation between the user's computer and the browser

May 11, 2013

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SARATOGA, Calif., May 10, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- The largest cyber security threat facing enterprise today is browser malware. Traditional approaches to browser security have proven ineffective and perpetuate a false sense of security. Spikes Browser introduces true hardware separation between the user's computer and the browser so that web malware infection of the user's computer is impossible. This unique approach provides, by far, a more secure way to browse the Web than any other solution.

"If an enterprise follows every best practice in cybersecurity and uses the best security products available, its employees are still getting hacked daily through the browser. Over 90% of undetected malware comes through the browser and this malware often steals customer data and other sensitive company information," according to Branden Spikes, CEO of Spikes and former CIO of PayPal and SpaceX. "Conventional approaches to browser security rely on software defenses and are fundamentally flawed. It is virtually impossible for malware to breach companies through Spikes Browser."

With the right recipe of bulletproof security, state-of-the-art performance, and ease of use, Spikes has made the hacker's easiest target - the web browser - one of the most impenetrable.

For more information about the Spikes secure web browser, visit: www.spikes.com

About Spikes

Spikes Inc., founded by former PayPal and SpaceX CIO Branden Spikes, solves the biggest security threat facing enterprise today: browser malware. Employees get hacked by simply visiting infected websites, even legitimate sites, that open a door into a company's networks. Spikes provides the only effective protection from attacks through the browser while still providing a high quality user experience.

The Spikes Browser is available for Windows in the current release; Mac, iOS, and Android are on the way. Browse fearlessly. For more information, visit www.spikes.com.

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