Sourcefire Announces Partnership With NT Objectives

Partnership provides customers with the ability to tailor protection to specific vulnerabilities identified in Web applications

January 26, 2011

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Columbia, MD – January 26, 2011 -- Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE), the creator of Snort' and a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today announced a partnership with NT OBJECTives™ (NTO) to provide customers with the ability to tailor protection to specific vulnerabilities identified in Web applications.

Through the partnership, NTO’s NTOSpider Web application vulnerability scanner automatically generates Snort rules that can be easily added to the Sourcefire' Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), providing immediate and customized detection and protection. The combination of Sourcefire and NTO enables users to quickly pinpoint and secure Web application vulnerabilities, increasing Web application security and satisfying compliance requirements – all without additional security investments.

“This integration helps our customers improve protection for their Web applications and reduces the risk of vulnerabilities being exploited before they can be patched,” said Doug Hurd, Director of Technical Alliances at Sourcefire. “When used in combination Sourcefire and NTO help customers lower their total cost of ownership (TCO), while increasing protection against specific application-level attacks.”

This integration overcomes a common challenge with traditional Web security appliances that leverage generic, “one-size-fits-all” rules, which are limited in their ability to defend unique Web applications. By generating custom rules tailored to application-specific vulnerabilities, Sourcefire and NTO minimize false positives and increase the accuracy of protection. To verify the application is secured, users simply rescan the application and confirm that Sourcefire is protecting the vulnerabilities from attack.

“When protecting Web applications, customization is key. Generic protection against exploits is too reactive to actually secure the application,” said Dan Kuykendall, CEO and CTO at NT OBJECTives. “By partnering with Sourcefire, we are providing customers with protection that is tailored to vulnerabilities we identify in their applications, which leads to significantly improved protection.”

About NT OBJECTives NT OBJECTives is an innovative provider of comprehensive application security solutions designed to help organizations discover threats, analyze risk and protect their web applications against attack. Its unique technology provides automated and accurate application vulnerability assessment regardless of site complexity along with the ability to help companies secure their web applications either by repairing application code or by custom configuring their security infrastructure to block the attacks. NT OBJECTives is located in Irvine, California.

About Sourcefire Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq:FIRE), is a world leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions. Sourcefire is transforming the way Global 2000 organizations and government agencies manage and minimize network security risks. Sourcefire’s IPS, Real-time Network Awareness and Real-time Adaptive Security solutions equip customers with an efficient and effective layered security defense – protecting network assets before, during and after an attack. Through the years, Sourcefire has been consistently recognized for its innovation and industry leadership by customers, media and industry analysts alike – with more than 50 awards and accolades. Today, the name Sourcefire has grown synonymous with innovation and network security intelligence. For more information about Sourcefire, please visit

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