Sendio Customers Satisfied With E-Mail Security Platform: Survey

Sendio's E-mail Security Platform took less than half the time to configure, deploy and manage than the customers' previously installed solutions, according to survey

January 27, 2009

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Irvine, Calif. - January 26, 2009 - Sendio, Inc., an innovative e-mail security company with solutions that incorporate the human element to totally eliminate spam and e-mail threats in the enterprise environment, and Osterman Research, a leading analyst firm in the messaging, e-mail security and collaboration space, today released results of Sendio's customer research survey. The findings, which aggregated more than 100 Sendio customer responses, revealed a 99 percent satisfaction rate with the effectiveness of Sendio's E-mail Security Platform (ESP) in blocking spam and e-mail threats.

Sendio's E-mail Security Platform took less than half the time to configure, deploy and manage than the customers' previously installed solutions; the average number of hours spent managing competitor solutions was nearly four and a half per week, while Sendio's solutions required an average of just one hour per week of maintenance, according to the survey. Also, the time that customer organizations saved in dealing with spam each day increased nearly 20-fold when using Sendio's ESP, as opposed to competing solutions.

"Osterman Research's e-mail security survey has helped validate and quantify both the positive feedback we've been receiving from customers who are interested in combating spam, as well as our E-mail Security Platform's proven ability to stop spam and e-mail threats entirely," said Kevin Bowyer, CEO of Sendio. "These quantifiable, dramatic survey results from an industry expert like Mike Osterman prove our anti-spam hardware's time and resource savings and illustrate the fact that we're accomplishing our goal of keeping our customers secure, productive and satisfied."

The main findings of the customer survey, according to Osterman Research, expose a dramatic set of benefits for organizations deploying Sendio's ESP, including: - The effectiveness of an organization's anti-spam and anti-malware capabilities increases significantly. On a 1 to 5 scale, Sendio's solutions ranked at a 4.7 level of effectiveness, while customers' previous solutions averaged 2.6. Also, when comparing the effectiveness of solutions' ability to keep false positives low (messages tagged as spam that are actually legitimate e-mails), 93 percent of respondents ranked Sendio's ESP as "very effective" or "effective," with just 17 percent giving the same ranking to non-Sendio solutions. - The cost of ownership for providing e-mail security capabilities drops significantly, both for the initial deployment cost and, more importantly, for the costs of ongoing management of these capabilities. According to the survey, previous solutions required an average of 4.4 hours per week for ongoing maintenance, including managing the system, performance updates, etc. Sendio's ESP, on the other hand, required on average just one hour per week for maintenance - less than one fourth of the time required for managing competing solutions. - The impact on individuals is also dramatic, lowering the number of spam messages from a mean of 78 per day to approximately two; the amount of time that individuals devote to spam management has been reduced to a mean of one minute per day, as opposed to a mean of 24 minutes per day with previous solutions, freeing them to focus on their job responsibilities and contribute to their company's success.

"The benefits of Sendio's ESP, as revealed through our survey, should not be underestimated especially in today's challenging economic environment, coupled with the continuing need to protect users and organizations from the growing onslaught of spam and increasingly sophisticated and virulent malware," said Michael Osterman, president and founder of Osterman Research. "Based on our research, Sendio's solutions offer organizations a clear path to providing the highest level of threat protection possible, while at the same time maximizing the IT and user experience and reducing total cost of ownership to the greatest extent possible."

Sendio's ESP is the only challenge/response solution designed specifically for the enterprise. It obtains its effectiveness through a combination of Silverlisting, a proprietary technology that includes a set of low-level SMTP tests to determine the legitimacy of the sending e-mail server, and Sender Address Verification (SAV), which verifies the authenticity of first-time, unsolicited senders, and introduces a human element into the process. The ESP far surpasses the capabilities of current spam filter offerings and finally secures the enterprise inbox through the complete elimination of spam.

To see the complete survey results, please visit or or To learn more about Sendio's ESP, please go to

About Sendio, Inc.

Sendio, Inc., an innovative e-mail security company based in Irvine, California, re-establishes e-mail as a trusted communications tool by totally eliminating spam and e-mail threats in the enterprise environment. This results in dramatic time savings for users and for IT staff and reclaims lost resources for the company. Unlike filters, which require ongoing maintenance but remain only partially effective, Sendio's proactive approach to e-mail security incorporates a critical human element that brings authenticity and control to e-mail communications. Enterprise customers, in rapidly growing numbers, are adopting Sendio's e-mail security platform (ESP) to save time and money and to provide their employees and partners with a healthier and more focused business environment. For more information on totally eliminating spam and e-mail threats with Sendio, please visit or call 877-END-2-SPAM.

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