SeeZam Selects Entrust Strong Authentication Solution

SeeZam will use a combination of authenticators to manage access to an online application

April 8, 2010

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DALLAS, April 7 /PRNewswire/ -- Luxemburg's SeeZam S.A. has selected Entrust, Inc. to deploy a unique three-tiered authentication solution to secure their innovative online information service. Facilitated by the Entrust IdentityGuard versatile authentication platform, SeeZam will use a combination of authenticators to manage access to an online application that secures personal information, legal documents and other sensitive data.

"Storing such private information, our model required an advanced security solution that was not only versatile for what we wanted to achieve, but also straightforward for our end-users," said SeeZam CEO Pierre Van Wambeke. "Our goal was to deploy a single platform that could integrate all authenticators. Flexibility and cost-effectiveness were our primary requirements."

SeeZam's online service provides a secure, centralized location to store critical information, particularly if the account holder passes away. It enables family members to have all the necessary tools for essential arrangements and asset distribution. The service secures some of the most private of documents, including wills, legal notices and life insurance policies.

"SeeZam is demonstrating how a strong authentication solution can be leveraged in a new consumer space to provide a valuable service," said Entrust President and CEO Bill Conner. "This versatile authentication platform is designed to protect the account holder's assets, with only those designated as trusted individuals being permitted access to the information."

To safeguard this information, the Entrust IdentityGuard versatile authentication platform was used to form the foundation for a SeeZam-branded, three-tiered security infrastructure -- public, confidential and secret. Each level is protected by a more advanced authenticator.

Currently, SeeZam's public service tier offers simple, but secure, strong username and password capabilities. The next two dedicated SeeZam tiers -- confidential and secret -- are protected by grid cards and one-time-passcode (OTP) hardware tokens, respectively. The secret account type is unique in that it is designed to grant access to two named, trusted and authenticated individuals, in the event of an account holder's death.

The Entrust-patented grid card is a credit card-sized authenticator consisting of numbers and characters in a row-column format. Upon login, users are presented with a coordinate challenge and must respond with the information in the corresponding cells from the unique grid card they possess. The authenticator is equally effective in consumer or enterprise environments.

Entrust offers two versions of the popular OTP hardware token. Starting at just $5, the Entrust IdentityGuard Mini Token is OATH-compliant and generates a secure eight-digit passcode at the press of a button. The OATH-compliant Pocket Token offers additional features including PIN unlock prior to generating the passcode, in addition to a challenge-response mode.

Entrust IdentityGuard enables organizations to layer security -- according to access requirements or the risk of a given transaction -- across diverse users and applications. The platform's authentication options include username and password, IP-geolocation, device, questions and answers, out-of-band one-time passcode (delivered via voice, SMS or e-mail), grid cards (physical or eGrid) cards, digital certificates and a range of one-time-passcode tokens., a virtual safety deposit box, offers a service that is designed to securely store sensitive information. With its unique multilingual Web-based interface, the solution enables users to share encrypted data with loved ones during unfortunate events.

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