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Security Vendors That SpamSecurity Vendors That Spam

Every time a security vendor sends spam, an angel's wings get clipped.

Gadi Evron

August 3, 2009

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Every time a security vendor sends spam, an angel's wings get clipped.When I was sitting down to blog this, I was considering whether I needed to introduce the subject of spam and why it's bad. Did I need to discuss how spam violates personal rights? How about the burden placed on the email infrastructure and our own personal inboxes? Perhaps I should only mention how spam sells unsafe products, such as fake medicine?

Or maybe I should discuss how spam is dangerous -- how it's a main contributor to security breaches worldwide, and how economically it facilitates cybercrime -- from botnets to phishing to child pornography.

Or perhaps all I should say is this: Spam is illegal.

No matter what type of spam, spam is bad. It is not marketing, and security vendors should know this. But every other week, I get an unsolicited advertisement from a security vendor trying to push a product or seminar. "That's one product I am never going to buy," I think to myself. If they spam, they can't really be security experts, can they?

Then to top it all off, they offer me a "safe unsubscribe" link. I never opted in. I never subscribed. Why should I unsubscribe?

If security vendors send you spam, they are not security experts. They do not understand security, and worse -- they are abusing you. So don't buy products from them.

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Gadi Evron is an independent security strategist based in Israel. Special to Dark Reading.

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Gadi Evron

CEO & Founder, Cymmetria, head of Israeli CERT, Chairman, Cyber Threat Intelligence Alliance

Gadi is CEO and founder of Cymmetria, a cyber deception startup and chairman of the Israeli CERT. Previously, he was vice president of cybersecurity strategy for Kaspersky Lab and led PwC's Cyber Security Center of Excellence, located in Israel. He is widely recognized for his work in Internet security and global incident response, and considered the first botnet expert. Gadi was CISO for the Israeli government Internet operation, founder of the Israeli Government CERT and a research fellow at Tel Aviv University, working on cyber warfare projects. Gadi authored two books on information security, organizes global professional working groups, chairs worldwide conferences, and is a frequent lecturer.

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