Secunia Q1 2013 Report Vulnerable PC Software Installations

Data includes the average numbers of installed programs -- patched and unpatched -- on private PCs

April 25, 2013

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Copenhagen, April 18, 2013: Secunia, a leading provider of IT security solutions that enable businesses and private individuals to manage and control vulnerability threats, today published the Secunia Country Reports. The Secunia Country Reports provides insight into software security - more specifically, how much vulnerable software is present on private PCs in a number of different countries.

The Secunia Country Reports published today describes the state of security on private PCs in 7 different countries: USA, UK, Germany and the Nordics (Sweden, Norway, Finland and Denmark). Later in 2013, Secunia will publish reports for DACH, Benelux as well as global data.

A few examples of what can you find in the Secunia Country Reports

· 60% of US users have Apple QuickTime 7 installed on their PC, and 37% had not patched it, even though a patch is available and there are 26 vulnerabilities in the program. This means that 22% of all private US PCs are made vulnerable by Apple QuickTime 7.

· An average PC in the UK has 74 programs installed in it from 24 different vendors. This means that the user has to master 24 different update mechanisms in order to patch the 74 programs and remediate vulnerabilities.

· 14% of private PC users in Germany have an unpatched operating system.

Based on data from millions of users

The reports are based on data from the millions of users of Secunia's free consumer security software, the Personal Software Inspector (Secunia PSI). The data includes the average numbers of installed programs – patched and unpatched – on private PCs and includes information on, for example, the 10 most exposed programs, the number of programs installed on PCs, the share of Microsoft and non-Microsoft (so-called third-party) programs and the prevalence of End-of-life programs.

Secunia has been collecting data on the state of security on private PCs since 2007.

"The Secunia Country Reports are a gold mine of data. It is one thing to know how many vulnerabilities are present in the software we all use, and how quickly vendors push out patches when the vulnerabilities are discovered, but if the patches aren't applied to the vulnerable software they are as useless as a bandage that's left in the box. The data in the Secunia Country Reports documents that the share of unpatched programs on private PCs is substantial and therefore a very real security concern," says Maria Eriksen-Jensen, VP of Business Development at Secunia.

Vulnerabilities are the root cause of security issues

A vulnerable software program that isn't patched compromises the security of the PC. This is because it leaves the PC vulnerable to being exploited by hackers.

Vulnerabilities are discovered in software programs on a regular basis, and the vendor will usually release a patch for users to apply in the form of a security update. If users do not perform these updates, their PC will be vulnerable to attacks because hackers can use the vulnerability as an entry point.

Security updates are key

If private users do not patch their software with the latest security updates, there is a risk that the software is insecure. Hackers who exploit vulnerabilities can gain access to the computer and everything on it – including bank and credit card details, passwords and social media activity.

The best way for private users to stay secure is to make sure the software on their PCs is always updated with the latest software security updates. To make this task easier, it is recommended to download the free Secunia PSI 3.0.

The Secunia PSI 3.0 is a free computer security scanner which identifies software applications that are insecure and in need of security updates. Secunia PSI 3.0 users receive automatic security updates from Secunia.

Read the Secunia Country Reports in full here

Try the free Personal Software Inspector (Secunia PSI) here

For questions about the Secunia Country Reports, contact Secunia.


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