Secerno Debuts Data Protection At 230,000 Transactions Per Second

DataWall 4.1 allows real-time blocking of all out-of-policy database access

January 12, 2010

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Oxford, United Kingdom, 12 January 2010 " Secerno, the technology leader in data security, today announced the release of Secerno DataWall 4.1, which offers the highest level of real-time threat monitoring and blocking in the industry. DataWall 4.1 actively monitors up to 230,000 transactions per second with the ability to block all threats in real-time. Today's enterprises face continually escalating compliance measures and security threats to their data, making high-performance real-time data monitoring and protection essential.

DataWall 4.1 allows real-time blocking of all out-of-policy database access, including access given to privileged users, to provide immediate and powerful protection against the growing threat of insider theft and tampering with data. This ability gives CEOs, CSOs and others confidence that they have complete protection around their data and that they are in compliance with regulations such as PCI, SOX, HIPAA, GLBA, 201 CMR 17.00 in Massachusetts, and the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act in the United Kingdom.

"DataWall 4.1 is the only solution to offer a total level of data protection and monitoring that lets our enterprise clients meet regulatory mandates, protect data from internal and external threats, and use data as a strategic corporate asset across numerous deployments, users and applications," said Steve Hurn, CEO of Secerno. "With the release of DataWall 4.1, we are providing the most powerful level of real-time threat blocking ever deployed and offering a level of monitoring and access control that will ensure safety from the increasing threat of insider tampering. Secerno is the only second-generation company to offer the market the enterprise offerings that provide customers with solutions that meet the needs of evolving security and competitive markets. We were the first company to extend data protection to virtualized environments, realizing that the long-term potential that cloud and virtual environments had for global enterprises. We continue our product launch with two additional industry firsts for DataWall 4.1, providing our commitment to technological innovation that meets the immediate and emerging needs of our clients."

DataWall 4.1 also has the following features:

Real-time performance analysis of all SQL transactions

Expanded efficient data storage formats for scalability

Support for SAN arrays and 10 Gb/sec network deployments

New blocking mode for Local Monitor, the DataWall 4.1 database agent

An automated remote upgrade process, which speeds up the client upgrade process

Optional strong cryptography pack

DB2 for z/OS beta initiated

About Secerno

Secerno is an established provider of active database control, delivering the world's most advanced and comprehensive intelligent activity monitoring and database policy enforcement solution: Secerno DataWall - now uniquely available in both a hardware and virtual appliance. Secerno DataWall is designed to stop threats before data is lost or compromised (instead of simply monitoring and reporting after the damage is done). It accurately and actively blocks all threats to data, even from trusted and privileged users. At the core of Secerno DataWall is the patented SynoptiQ Engine, based on break-through research into efficient grammatical clustering. Secerno -- which is headquartered in Oxford, UK -- offers protection to customers across industries including financial services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, retail, and government agencies and departments. For more information, go to

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