SafeNet Calls For KMIP Adoption With First Hardware-Based Enterprise Key Management Platform

KeySecure enables organizations to centrally protect, manage, and control data, keys, and policies

November 14, 2011

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BALTIMORE – November 8, 2011 – SafeNet, Inc., a global leader in data protection, today announced the immediate availability of KeySecure™, the industry’s first high-assurance, KMIP standards-based Enterprise Key Management (EKM) solution. KeySecure enables organizations to centrally protect, manage, and control data, keys, and policies across a wide range of heterogeneous enterprise systems using a pre-configured and easy-to-install hardware appliance.

SafeNet’s KeySecure is the industry’s first hardware-based EKM platform, based on the OASIS Key Management Interoperability Protocol (KMIP 1.0), a comprehensive protocol for the communication between enterprise key management systems and encryption systems. Through KMIP standards-based platforms, organizations can simplify key management, ensure regulatory compliance, and reduce operational cost significantly.

KeySecure provides robust enterprise key lifecycle management, and enables centralized management of millions of encryption keys and policies through a hardware-based platform, covering heterogeneous data types across the enterprise, from the data center to virtualized public and private environments.

“As the use of encryption grows and various solutions are deployed, key management becomes exponentially critical and complex,” said Vic Wheatman, vice president, Gartner Research. “Mismanagement of keys can expose an organization to unnecessary risk.” SafeNet’s KeySecure helps organizations improve data protection and control through centralization and consolidation of keys, uniform and consistent policy management across multi-vendor environments, and by enabling regulatory compliance, enforcing separation of duties, and providing proof of visibility for compliant appliances, devices, and applications.

Key Management is at a Crossroads

SafeNet’s introduction of KeySecure, and the growing adoption of the KMIP standard, comes at a time when the industry finds itself at a technology crossroads. Escalating threats, expanding regulatory requirements, and the movement to cloud-based and virtualized infrastructures are driving the need for a more unified approach to management for multi-vendor environments, as well as shared environments and those that are managed by other organizations, like cloud service providers. Through the growing availability of KMIP standards-based security solutions, organizations can establish centralized protection, control, and management of their data across systems, whether in physical data centers or as they move towards virtualized and cloud-based environments.

Through active participation in the OASIS KMIP Technical Committee, SafeNet is working with industry peers to drive the development and documentation of standards for key management interoperability. As a result of this leadership and the introduction of industry-leading solutions like KeySecure, SafeNet has become a driving force behind the adoption of industry standards and the transformation of data protection, compliance, and control.

“Key management is the foundation of encryption services, and is rapidly becoming a critical requirement for protecting and managing sensitive data across the enterprise,” said Tsion Gonen, corporate vice president, Products and Marketing, SafeNet, Inc. “We see customers increasingly leveraging key management as the engine behind central cryptographic operations to improve data protection and reduce cost, complexity, and sprawl. As we continue to pioneer a unified approach to key management products like KeySecure, and through our participation in industry-leading organizations like OASIS KMIP, SafeNet ensures that our customers have access to advanced solutions that help them protect and control their data, address and respond to regulatory requirements, and get the most value out of their investments.”

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About SafeNet

Founded in 1983, SafeNet, Inc. is one of the largest information security companies in the world, and is trusted to protect the most sensitive data of market-leading organizations around the globe. SafeNet’s data-centric approach focuses on the protection of high-value information throughout its lifecycle, from the data center to the cloud. More than 25,000 customers across commercial enterprises and government agencies trust SafeNet to protect and control access to sensitive data, manage risk, ensure compliance, and secure virtual and cloud environments.

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