RSA Unveils New Solution To Deliver End-To-End Data Security

RSA Data Protection Manager combines tokenization and application encryption

November 5, 2010

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RSA, The Security Division of EMC (NYSE: EMC), today announced its RSA Data Protection Manager product designed to give customers comprehensive application data protection capabilities. The product combines tokenization and application encryption, two popular application-based controls, with advanced token and key management to deliver end-to-end data security. This combination of data protection and key management technologies is engineered to make data more secure, while lowering operational costs of data protection by consolidating the management layer. By protecting data at the source, within the application that's creating or using it, RSA's product helps ensure seamless data protection throughout the information lifecycle.

"The majority of on-line data breaches happen within the server or application, so mitigating this risk is critical for overall data protection," said Jon Oltsik, principal analyst, Enterprise Strategy Group. "Application-based data security provides a high-level of protection because data is protected at the point of capture and then remains protected throughout its lifecycle. Application-based encryption and tokenization can be quite effective for this type of data security."

"Compliance and key management continue to burden our customers," said Dan Schiappa, senior vice president, Products, RSA, The Security Division of EMC. "They want to protect all of their sensitive data using a robust protection method like encryption, but also want to limit the impact on compliance and environment changes by using a cost-effective solution like tokenization. Combining encryption, tokenization, and key management in the same product provides flexibility and reduces management overhead."

RSA Data Protection Manager (formerly RSA Key Manager) secures data at the point of capture and provides the most granular level of control over sensitive information. The solution is engineered to include:

-- Tokenization: Replacing sensitive information with a substitute value, or token value to protect data such as credit card numbers, account numbers, Social Security numbers, and other personally identifiable information. -- Application Encryption: Enabling encryption and strong key management to secure data at the point of capture. -- Enterprise Key Management: Allowing for enterprise key management with integrations into a variety of data-at-rest encryption options (storage, tape, etc.).

Reduce Compliance Burden and Lower Complexity of Data Protection

RSA Data Protection Manager brings RSA's Tokenization technology together with Application Encryption to combine two commonly used features into the same product for customers. Encryption has traditionally been the preferred method of enforcing data protection in applications, but tokenization (also referred to as "aliasing" or "data masking") is one of the industry's best methods for reducing the cost of compliance.

RSA Data Protection Manager is engineered to broaden the scope of how organizations can use tokenization. RSA has combined its tokenization technology with services from partners like First Data Corporation and VeriFone to secure payment card data. Beyond payment processors, however, tokenization can also help provide protection for other industries such as financial services (personally identifiable information or PII, social security numbers) and healthcare (personal health information or PHI).

Tokenized values maintain their original format, which limits the deployment impact while still providing a high level of protection. In addition, tokens can maintain certain portions of the original data (i.e., the last four digits of a social security number) so other applications can potentially make business use of tokens without ever having access to the real information.

RSA's ability to implement this "hybrid" approach of encryption and tokenization helps customers to get the best of both worlds -- the performance benefits of encryption and the operational benefits of tokenization.

Gain Operational Efficiencies

RSA Data Protection Manager is a robust server side management tool that provides customers with a number of operational efficiencies upon deployment. The solution is engineered to provide not only industry leading client controls but also a simple and easy to use management interface to allow for setup and management of the application protection infrastructure. This helps customers increase security across their organization while making compliance audits easier and less costly.

New capabilities for handling the lifecycle management of keys and tokens, enforcing strong separation of duties, protecting the central object vault, and maintaining granular application permissions also help customers save on operational costs. For example, customers can set specific key rotation policies for different parts of their infrastructure (every month for a point-of-sale system and every year for a storage array) to help meet regulatory requirements without manual effort. In addition, the same server is used to manage the application environment as well as the back-end disk and storage encryption, so customers avoid the overhead of key management "silos."

RSA Data Protection Manager is generally available now.

About RSA

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