Role-Based Encryption Provides Data Protection For Enterprises

6.2 of SecureFolder Enterprise offfers optimized client management, integration into Web-based management console

February 9, 2012

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Darmstadt, 25th January 2012.- SECUDE has released a new version of SecureFolder Enterprise, which offers enhanced functionalities together with an optimized look and feel. The architecture provides standard interfaces for easy integration into identity management systems. SecureFolder Enterprise is an enterprise-grade solution for role-based encryption of folders and provides protection against unauthorized access and data loss. -----------

"SecureFolder Enterprise offers encryption for shared and local folders, and operates completely in the background without requiring any user training", explains Johann Petschenka, Country Manager of SECUDE. "Due to the role-based structure of SecureFolder Enterprise, even an administrator has no longer access to all content. The encryption is completely transparent and folder-based, so your directory structure remains intact." Thus, all legal requirements of a complex security policy can be met.

The new version 6.2 of SecureFolder Enterprise has an optimized client management and also offers integration into web-based management console, which allows a simple and efficient centralized management.

SecureFolder Enterprise protects sensitive and confidential data by encrypting entire folders on notebooks, PCs and on network shares. It is more flexible than ordinary container encryption solutions, which restrict the structure and size of directories. SecureFolder Enterprise preserves the file and directory structure and avoids interference with existing backup and recovery workflows. Encryption and decryption take place transparently in the background, thus ensuring a high level of acceptance among end users.

Users are authenticated through an intelligent authentication system, which can be based on passwords, certificates, soft tokens or smart cards/ USB tokens. The role-based system differentiates between system administrator, data owners and normal users. SecureFolder Enterprise provides also full support for LDAP and Microsoft Active Directory. Additionally, SecureFolder Enterprise supports existing PKI environments, but has alternatively a mini-PKI built-in to equip each user with an encryption certificate. Integration into Identity Management Systems (IdM) is also available through APIs.

SecureFolder Enterprise is a client-based solution, providing end-to-end encryption. That means files stored in a network share are automatically encrypted on the client before being transferred to the server. SecureFolder Enterprise can be combined with solution for controlling external devices and interfaces (Secure DevicePro) and a hard disk encryption (FinallySecure Enterprise) to optimize risk management and prevent data loss (Data Loss Prevention DLP).

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SECUDE is an innovative global provider of IT data protection solutions. In 1996 the company was founded as collaboration between SAP AG and the Fraunhofer Institute in Germany to develop SAP security products. In early 2011, SECUDE sold the business application security to SAP in order to refocus on their core competencies Endpoint Security. SECUDE helps customers to protect their sensitive data and comply with the law regulations. Today the company employs over 60 experienced and qualified staff and has the confidence of a large number of companies, which are listed in the Fortune 500 group, including many of the DAX-listed companies. SECUDE has offices in Europe, North America and Asia.

Since December 2011, SECUDE is within the scope of the SAP PartnerEdge program, VAR Sales Partner of SAP Germany AG & Co. KG in Germany. As a SAP value-added reseller (VAR), SECUDE offers the customers besides its own product portfolio, sale of licenses as well consulting and implementation services of SAP NetWeaver' Single Sign-On.

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